Report on minor update issue

I'd like to report an update issue i easily rectified:

a few days ago, (this past thursday iirc) i ran garuda-update and it failed to update due to certain files in the system partition.
there was a folder with about a dozen or so files in it: "/usr/share/plasma/wallpapers/com.github.zren.inactiveblur" that was preventing the update from completing.

i had no idea off-hand where they came from specifically, i assumed they were there because i downloaded a few desktop images via the GUI interface here within Garuda a few weeks ago.

i ended up using the 'add remove programs' in Garuda assistant to cross reference any installed wallpaper package files with those in that specific folder and when the listed files did not match any in the folder, i used dolphin as root to shit-delete the folder, after which i updated without issue.

i'm making this report because the files have returned (more or less) in that same folder i quoted above - but i just updated again a few minutes ago with no errors or interference from me.

Garuda is my daily driver and will remain so for the foreseeable future as far as i'm concerned =-)

thanks for the great work Garuda team, keep it up!

EDIT: this was also the very first time i let Garuda go un-updated until i received and 'out of date' warning (the red gear wheel notification).

also: the update was on Tuesday, not Thursday and the previous update before this one was on July 4th, so i went from the 4th to the 19th without an update.

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If you could report which package was causing the conflict then it could possibly be addressed by a change to the package. Otherwise, if the files were installed manually by yourself then deleting the files prior to the update is the only way to resolve the issue.


i did not install any package for this issue, i used Plasma's context menu from the desktop:

'configure desktop and wallpaper' / 'add new wallpapers'

and downloaded a few new images from there.

this is all i have ever done other than set a new background from local image files, with regards to desktop background wallpaper images. Garuda works great for me, i just don't mess with it =-)

as i stated in my OP, i cross-referenced the files i ended up deleting with the ones included in the wallpaper management packages in Garuda and are listed in the 'add remove software' GUI in Garuda Assistant.
the assistant-listed packages are:

"garuda-wallpapers", "kde-servicemenus-setaswallpaper" and "plasma-workspace-wallpapers"

none of which did had listed filenames that were causing the issue as reported by garuda-update.
i cross-referenced the names of these files to ensure that there were no installed packages that had placed the now-deleted files in usr/share/plasma/wallpapers.

i have, as of yet, encountered no further issues since updating and since some similar files have appeared in 'usr/share/plasma/wallpapers' in a folder named "com.github.zren.inactiveblur" since the update.
the particular file names i do not recall but "com.github.zren.inactiveblur" stands out as immediately recognizable as this 'name' was built into every file that was causing conflict and was thus what i was looking for within the installed package file lists, i believe the issue may have already been fixed.
i just felt it necessary to report the occurrence in case it's a known issue to someone.

(sorry for the delay in replying, i had hard week at work and am recuperating this weekend)

thanks Garuda team.

Edit: for clarification, the error message garuda-update was giving me on update failure was the fact these files existed in the system folder at all.

also - thanks for the link to Falconer's post, it will aid greatly in any future update issue analysis lmao =-)


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