Removing FireFox Defaults

I have rm'd .mozilla have removed the garuda-browser-settings & garuda-gnome-settings pacakges & created a new profile even after deleting .mozilla but everytime all these extentions come back that I dont want at all. I'm honestly about to switch back to vanilla Arch, I was using Garuda to try out BTRFS. Also what is the deal with firewall rules being created on their own?

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Delete "Required By" files you do not want.

pacman -Qi firefox | grep -                                                                                  [130]
Version         : 80.0.1-1
Depends On      : gtk3  libxt  mime-types  dbus-glib  ffmpeg  nss  ttf-font  libpulse
                  speech-dispatcher: Text-to-Speech
                  hunspell-en_US: Spell checking, American English [installed]
Required By     : firefox-extension-canvasblocker  firefox-extension-google-search-link-fix  firefox-extension-https-everywhere  firefox-extension-keepassxc-browser  firefox-extension-privacybadger  firefox-extension-xdm-browser-monitor  firefox-i18n-de  firefox-i18n-en-us  garuda-firefox

Where ? Which? Magic?


You forgot to remove the packages from your machine.

So type
sudo pacman -Sc

After removing packages and install Firefox again.
I hope it will help. :grinning:

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