Remove display manager, login from TTY

Hello all!

Before I attempt to remove the DM, is there a “trick” or “gotcha” I should be aware of?

I’ve installed Sway and Hyprland on a base arch install, so I’m familiar with using the TTY to login to both.

That said, I like what Garuda has done with Arch, and you provide some excellent utilities to keep the system maintained. Kudos for that.

But I like keeping things as simple as possible, so removing the display manager would be excellent. Especially since it has a Santa theme. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the input. Peace!

:rofl: You can change it of course! I have no idea why that one is the default. :santa:

If you want to keep greetd, tuigreet is nice and simple:

To more directly answer your question: no problem to just uninstall it. I typically do the same with greetd, it really provides very little benefit.

sudo pacman -R greetd greetd-qtgreet

Once you get rid of it, getty will take over and you can just log in from there. If you’d like, you can set it up so it defaults to having your username entered (so you only need to type in your password):


Thanks for the excellent info!! I will checkout out tuigreet, just to see what it is like. But I will almost certainly uninstall greetd as I really have no use for it.

And thanks for the Arch Wiki link on getty – I didn’t know I could configure with username entered.

Thanks again! Peace.

What you recognize there as a Christmas tree ornament is my stylized 3-D version of the Hyprland logo :slight_smile: The drop of water

True :slight_smile:


No, not that! He’s talking about the default background for QtGreet. It’s a picture of Santa’s sleigh, with the reindeer and everything:

You can change it in one of the config files. Why we have left it on Santa all these years instead of shipping with a Garuda wallpaper, I do not know! :joy:


maybe, because it was liked by sway maintainer :slightly_smiling_face: ?

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Probably they just never changed it–that is the default for QtGreet itself (not just Garuda Linux).

Perhaps a MR is in order? :grin:

What do you guys think the default wallpaper should be?

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