Recommended VPN Software and VPN Provider?

I've been using AirVPN with Eddie software for a long time now. But there appears to be a bug preventing Eddie from working correctly on Arch that has been acknowledged by AirVpn and a fix has been in the works for a few months with no ETA.

Sadly, I'm going to have to move on. My current Subscription ends on the 17th of this month. I have nothing but love for AirVPN, but I need to find something that works in Arch.

What recommendations does the community have for a VPN software and VPN Provider? If I could continue to use AirVPN, that would be great.

Something with a GUI interface and a network lock is preferred with a solid track record.

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I use ProtonVPN on Garuda.


I'm aware of that and I've been using it. Just trying to see what the community recommends.

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Well HummingBird appears to be a CLI VPN from AirVPN. I might play around with this. Command line arguments are here. But my workplace has this website blocked at the moment. So, research will wait until tonight.

Anyone here have experience with HummingBird?

EDIT: I found the commands on their GitHub here.

I like decentralized approach personally, kind of newish, dVPN, but I haven't found a solid solution. I would recommend a look at Privacy Tools' recommendations for more established and non-US/UK, etc. based server VPNs.

They do have a dVPN listed based off of Sentinel's decentralized block chain tech, but there is not client for Arch. I tried converting the Ubuntu version using debtap but there are missing dependencies that aren't in ARCH either.

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Mullvad is also great!


I've never heard of Privacy Tools. Are they paid off for good reviews?

I don't believe so because they recommend mostly open source tech and privacy junk that Garuda and other linux distros recommend.

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Thank you. I'll look closely at the list while testing HummingBird.

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Ditto. In Windows, too.

I meant NordVPN.
:rofl: :roll_eyes:


So are you recommending NordVPN here @c00ter ? :blush:


I have used NordVPN over the last 3 years without issues and would have to say I'm satisfied.
Never used their app, just the ovpn bins with openvpn.


I am not recommending surfshark, I just use surfshark.
Oh yeah and on the AUR there is an unnofficial(i think) client for surfshark

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Welcome to the community. This is your first time posting.

I’ll check out SurfShark. Thank you.



I use surfshark-gui-bin i think

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Use in terminal

pacman -Qi surfshark-gui
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i do the git clone method not pacman but i guess that works

commands are

  1. git clone (insert the url here)
  2. cd surfshark-gui-bin
  3. run "makepkg -si"
  4. ???
  5. privacy somewhat
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Was just looking at surfshark site and noticed it works with openvpn and ovpn bins on Linux.