Realtek RTL8822CE Wifi - limited connectivity

Here's a few tips:

Install the rtw88-dkms-git driver package. and reboot.

I would suggest installing and testing alternate kernels. Start with the linux-mainline , linux , and the linux-lts kernels first.

Disable wifi power saving. You can disable Network Manager's power saving features by creating this configuration file:


Add the following contents to the conf file:

wifi.powersave = 0

A setting of "0" will totally disable power saving features in the WiFi adapter.

A setting of "2" or "1" will be less aggressive, but still leave power saving enabled.

Disable mac address randomization, then reboot both your router and computer. MAC randomization may be easily disabled through the Garuda Network Assistant.

Disable IPv6 either in your router or Network Manager, then reboot both your router and computer.

Delete all WiFi connection profiles in network manager, then recreate them.

Lock your Wifi through your router's configuration utility via its MAC address. This is usually referred to as "MAC address association" in most router setup utilities. Alternately, you could try locking your BSSID to your AP in your connection's properties in Network Manager.

If you are dual booting Windows be sure to disable wifi power saving and fastboot in that OS.

Try selecting a different DNS server through the Garuda Assistant.

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