Rant about missing list of differences between the many versions of Garuda

So first of all Im sorry but I only registered to complain. It pisses me off that no Distro lists the exact differences between their different flavors. It already drives me mad that not a single one states the packages that miss in the minimal installation image. I can hardly forgive that since you got a rough idea what differentiates minimal / normal. But Garuda not only got 3 different KDE versions but a lot...a lot more. I spent now 20 minutes trying to find out which version fits my use, still got no clue. Im going to install the wayland version for now, because thats the only one where its kinda clear whats the purpose of it and download all of the other flavors in the background to install them one after another in a vm because I got nothing else to do anyways. But seriously thats a LOT of work just to find out what version fits ones needs. Im either too blind and completly missed the comparision table while googling or there is simply none. So please please add one or make it easier to find for an average user like myself. In conclusion im sorry that my first post is so negative and Im excited to find out the secrets of Garuda flavors.

Best Regards and thanks a lot for your work maintaining so many different Garudas and Im sure theres a reason for it.

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What is included in each case can be found in the "Packages- Desktop" files.

We are very sorry that our small team is causing you so much work. :slight_smile:

Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience!



Get lost. You contribute nothing but invalid whining.


Hello, welcome to the community.

I think that from a point of newcomer, your point is valid.
I will add package list to website below download links, so that one can see for himself, besides the description.

But be careful, it will contain all the packages

Thanks for suggestion.


A package list is already available with the ISOs. It's an easy read. Please don't pander to assclowns.


Yeps, that's what I am going to add below download links. Some people might not know of that.

Don't expect more


I find that too easy for the user :slight_smile:

Actually, I myself was thinking last week to add that. But it skipped through my mind, I don't know why.
But as this topic came up, I just remembered it.
So, I will just add it.

But that's on builds.garudalinux.org , and not every user goes to that particular folder, without knowing if package list exists.


There are already package lists as
@SGS linked for you.

IMO you owe everyone involved with the project an apology for your rant which was totally baseless.

Simply because you were unable to find the information does not entitle you to go on a rant about its non-existence.

Perhaps search more thoroughly in the future or simply ask a question rather than going on a rant and ending up looking like a complete fool.

I will probably end up having to lock this thread before it gets ugly because I'm sure you have offended very many long time Garuda users with your short sighted rant.


Well if it's valid complains then I am fine with it. Hope others will not mind a valid point too.

It's actually somewhat hard to make a list of the main differences after the fact, as there are a lot of tweaks/packages in garuda. But I guess we really should do that as there are a lot of people wondering what's the difference, really. How to keep it simple though...


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Feel free to contribute to that table in a format or style that makes it easier for an "average user". It can be done collaboratively via one of the Garuda services, or just right here on the forum.

This idea came up on the forum not that long ago, and the person who complained just left it for others to fix. So, basically, "I want this but want others to do the work for me".


We have literally the same in Italian :slight_smile:


All mine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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When you have no idea of a quote origin, then... it's most probably of a Greek origin, usually Aesop's :wink: