Python libraries disappeared after sudo pacman -Syu

I have just run sudo pacman -Syu and then all my personal scripts and programs stopped working.
When I try to run my programs I get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'trio'-like messages and now I am reinstalling every package again, one by one, so probably I will lose some hours figuring out which packages and which versions master-or-not etc were installed. Unfortunately I also losts some modifications I had made to some local libraries. So many hours lost, I don't have any request to do, I am just registering my sadness.

Is this behaviour a common behaviour for using sudo pacman -Syu? Maybe I should never use this command again? I really was not expecting python libraries to disappear out of thin air :worried:

Obviously I have made some newbie mistakes along the way, so let me know what those mistakes are. Also, I would appreciate if there is any hope I could revert anything and get back at least some old libraries I had installed in memory or my own modifications to them, so I do not have to redo all the work again.

Some python libraries I found using pamac search python-library-name and then installed using pamac install python-library-name if and only if the python library was found by pamac search otherwise I would do python -m pip install python-library-name


Thank you. Although I unsuccessfully had made the exactly same thing from the topic you linked some days ago, I've done it again now and (not sure why) It mostly solved the problems but I still did not recover the libraries that I had installed with python -m pip install library-name that I was not able to find by pamac search library-name.

Should I expect such disruption on my workflow on the next python updates? Is there anything I could do to avoid such problems? And what could I do about these specific libraries that I am not able to find using pamac search to make sure my local modifications to them will still be on my own computer once these python updates happen in the future?

It is a such strange event that my local library and my modifications will disappear by a computer update. Currently I am using pyenv and its virtual environments to install python packages (only when pamac is not able to install it).

Use of pip install is highly discouraged on Arch based distros. Pacman (or a recommended AUR helper) should be used for installing Python packages in all but the rarest of cases where this can not be accomplished using pacman. Using pip install is discouraged precisely because of the problems it can create that are sometimes difficult to resolve if the installation was not tracked by pacman.


Ex windows users must get out of the habit of installing from the net it breaks things all you do is try to mimic the windows failings, also so you know installing from Discord is also installing malware, keep to the repros and AUR.


What kind of problems could happen when the installation is not tracked by pacman?

Ex windows users must get out of the habit of installing from the net

I am confused about this statement, how would I get all the libraries to develop my own programs if not from the internet?

it breaks things

what will be broken by what? Do you mean that downloading things from the internet will break my computer? Correct if this is not what you meant. I am not sure how I am supposed to install python libraries when I can not find them with pamac, so in those cases I did use python -m pip install, but it seems you are implying this is unsafe for some reason that is not completely clear for me yet, but I can be misuderstanding you too.

all you do is try to mimic the windows failings

maybe you said this ironically, but I am bad at guessing that

also so you know installing from Discord is also installing malware

Installing what from Discord? I did not understand that part

keep to the repros and AUR.

Okay, I normally do that, unless there aren't other clear options for me, like installing python modules that can't be found on pamac

You need to rethink what you are saying, Its already been explained to you pacman only tracks packages installed by pacman or a Arch helper like yay, how do you even know installing with pip will not break packages from the repro as it already has remove everything pip and use pacman and yay to install packages correctly. Not pamac its not made for arch its just another 3rd party app for Manjaro that regularly breaks software and systems that includes Manjaro.

Discord is just a warning its installing malware on linux so could pip its code not checked


Kinds that destroy your operating system and are best left to a VM. We know you don't want to experience a loss of data as well as the long, hard work you have put into it. When Arch users see posts like yours, it sends up a warning flag. We've seen it before.

See? You have already experienced a mild disruption. Please don't doubt it will happen again.

There are many examples where this has occurred, and it is not uncommon at all. Hence the replies you have received.

It absolutely will. The ArchWiki is the source for all (Arch) Linux knowledge. Here, let it explain:
Python - ArchWiki

We're not here to be argumentative. We just want you to experience (Arch & Arch-based) Linux the way it should be.

Happy Holidays


Please understand the help you are getting here from @c00ter @tbg @mandog we were on our own when we started with Linux no fancy forum to demand help we just had to get on and fix it and it is the only way is to learn.

Now its I demand help why should I learn anything its their job to help me "well its not anybodies job to help anybody,"
so please before asking for help do a bit of research for yourself most answers are on the forums the arch forum "read only"
Garuda Wiki and Arch Wiki, "Not redit or the ubuntu forums".

Just remember seasoned users have been their done that and owned the the badge many times and these guys love to help but need the user to do their part and be thankful for the help given Rant over,


Didnt read the complete log, but here the solution i think:


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