PSK with Connman


I am making my first steps with Garuda, and am already unable to connect to my wifi network. I am using Wayfire with connman, but when i try to connect with the gui it says "Failed to toggle connection state. PassphraseRequired". Pretty much the same when following the command line way from the wiki


thank you

Hi there, welcome!
Please check if it helps configuring the file according to this:
E.g. from the Examples:

Type = wifi
Name = my_home_wifi
Passphrase = password
IPv4 =
MAC = 06:05:04:03:02:01

Please provide also your system specs, with the outcomes of:
inxi -Fza
with 3 ~ before and after the text (for formatting reasons)


This is a known bug, install connman-git as a workaround.

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