Garuda Linux Wayfire Connman issue

I just freshly installed Garuda Linux Wayfire onmy laptop, but I can't connect to my wi-fi. When I try to connect to my home network, it says "Passphrase Required" but it won't let me put in a passphrase. How do I connect to my wi-fi?

Hi. I don't use Connman but I do have seen several requests about it not working/connecting recently.
I collected a few topics via forum search, I hope this helps.
Check services:

Make sure that the GUI is installed (I think it is connman-gtk):

Last chance (manual config set-up):


A quick search reveals that 3 different users have experienced the same issue recently. I haven't used Connman in quite some time, so other than switching to using network manager I'm not sure what to suggest.


I had the same issue. I use conman within AntiX Linux to connect to WiFi and when connecting and it needs a passphrase, an "Agent input" window is supposed to pop up to enter the passphrase or a WPS authentication. The Garuda linux conman version is from 11/2020 (AntiX conman is from 1/2019) so something must be miscompiled or misconfigured in the Garuda linux conman binary.

I am using the LXQT-KWin "spotted eagle" .iso version.

If that is the case then using an older version of Connman may be worth testing out, or you can always switch to Network Manager.


Install connman-git as a temporary workaround.

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