Garuda Linux Wayfire Connman issue

I just freshly installed Garuda Linux Wayfire onmy laptop, but I can't connect to my wi-fi. When I try to connect to my home network, it says "Passphrase Required" but it won't let me put in a passphrase. How do I connect to my wi-fi?

Hi. I don't use Connman but I do have seen several requests about it not working/connecting recently.
I collected a few topics via forum search, I hope this helps.
Check services:

Make sure that the GUI is installed (I think it is connman-gtk):

Last chance (manual config set-up):


A quick search reveals that 3 different users have experienced the same issue recently. I haven't used Connman in quite some time, so other than switching to using network manager I'm not sure what to suggest.


I had the same issue. I use conman within AntiX Linux to connect to WiFi and when connecting and it needs a passphrase, an "Agent input" window is supposed to pop up to enter the passphrase or a WPS authentication. The Garuda linux conman version is from 11/2020 (AntiX conman is from 1/2019) so something must be miscompiled or misconfigured in the Garuda linux conman binary.

I am using the LXQT-KWin "spotted eagle" .iso version.

If that is the case then using an older version of Connman may be worth testing out, or you can always switch to Network Manager.

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