Problem on wayfire

I have installed garuda wayfire in my system! But i am having problem in the network manager . i cant connect to the wifi connection ?



And post terminal input and output from inxi -Fza as text.

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Hi there, welcome!
Wayfire uses connman for that, and if you search in the forum for connman you'll see that several users are experiencing problems, and I think no one found a solution.
So, for sure please provide your inxi, e.g. to see if your network cards are correctly recognized and the right driver is loaded, but I think that the solution could be to install network manager in place of connman.


No one has found a solution because no one has tried (or reported on) my recommendations.

I see several possible workarounds for this Connman issue. The Wayfire edition uses Connman, not Network Manager.

  1. Downgrade Connman to a prior version that may not contain the bug that is causing this issue.

  2. Swap in Network Manager for Connman. I have done this manually in the past and it's not that complicated. Garuda has built in GUI tools that should do this much easier as it is as simple as adding a check mark to the Network Manager components and removing the checheck marks on the Connman components.

Personally, I'm getting a little weary of responding to these Wayfire networking help requests. I keep making the same recommendations, and users keep ignoring them. So I may simply start locking these same redundant topics in the future if users don't even bother to reply to the users kind enough to respond to their cry for help.


Install connman-git as a temporary workaround.


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