Power settings & screensaver settings

Help me find power settings & screensaver settings for the sway desktop please !
Does Garuda Sway uses swayidle i don't want the display to turn off or my computer to go to sleep mode.

Maybe check if you can find what you need in this Wiki page

I think Swayidle Is used. Maybe you can find some hints here


i have solved this going to file system>usr>bin>xfce4-screensaver-preferences click on it change minutes to any time u like tell ur experiences

The swayidle configuration is in ~/.config/sway/config.d/default. The default looks like this:

## Idle configuration
exec swayidle -w \
    timeout 1070 'swaylock -f -C ~/.config/swaylock/config'\
    resume 'swaymsg "output * dpms on"' \
    before-sleep 'swaylock -C ~/.config/swaylock/config'
 This will lock your screen after 300 seconds of inactivity, then turn off
 your displays after another 300 seconds, and turn your screens back on when
 resumed. It will also lock your screen before your computer goes to sleep.

You can change whatever you like, or just comment out the whole thing if you don't want to use swayidle or swaylock.

It sounds like you found another way to do what you wanted, but there it is for next time!