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Hi there,
I just joined as i am having problems with screen going black (while i am working ,evan while watching a video)
I want to remove all aspects of auto generated screen behaviour like that found in i3wm (blurlock autolock ? )
As i am now just checking out Garuda Sway edition i am a bit lost on how to configure it , Sway seems similar to i3wm , but if i could get some help on locating this function i.e. i dont want the screen to sleep , hibernate or do anything other than what its told by me.
Tanx heaps Cameron

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Welcome :slight_smile:
Try this
Or search in ~/.config or web.


In ~/.config/sway/config.d/default line 20

### Idle configuration
exec swayidle -w\
    timeout 1070 'swaylock -f -C ~/.config/swaylock/config'\
    timeout 770 'swaymsg "output * dpms off"' \
    resume 'swaymsg "output * dpms on"' \
    before-sleep 'swaylock -C ~/.config/swaylock/config'
# This will lock your screen after 300 seconds of inactivity, then turn off
# your displays after another 300 seconds, and turn your screens back on when
# resumed. It will also lock your screen before your computer goes to sleep.

Either remove it or configure it

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Tanx so much for ur reply .
Wiki didn't show the program i was looking for ( which i am thinking is lockman ?) i was able to find the config using a gui thunar ( i am not capable in terminal ) and extended the time out values in exec swayidle which has worked as i left the os on over night and its still not shut down so , this is a fluky quick fix for now .
I will find this program and kill it eventually.
SGS i really appreciate ur reply here .
namiste cams


Hi there ,
I could not remove it ( i not competent ) i tried commentating out the lines which produced error messages , so i extended the time out values which has worked , but i actually want to remove it i just dont know how at this stage , if i could find the program and delete it nice .
Tanx for ur reply u rock .

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The package is called swayidle

I wouldn't recommend removing it but if you know you will be watching videos and etc; you use the command

killall swayidle

This is will kill swayidle for this session

Happy to Help!


Awesome reply tanx , this is a great pre configured wm coming from i3wm will continue with it , theirs still problems which i will work out .
Regards cams

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