Pamac wants to update Proton-Ge-Custom

Hello, everyone!

I'm new Garuda Linux user and I'd problems with Octopi which is the reason why I installed Pamac.

When I use sistem update via Pamac I get updates for Proton-Ge-Custom but when I try the same from Garuda Assitent it says: System is up-to-date, there is nothing to do....

So my question is should I update at all from Pamac?

Also I was thinking the issue is maybe because of Chaotic-AUR or AUR packages then I cheked that proton-GE is from AUR not Chaotic-AUR at least that's what Pamac says...

Most likely not. Its been quite a problematic way to update over the years (and that is putting it lightly). Not to mention the garuda-update does much more than just updates, it also does fixes if needed. You can also set it to update AUR packages as well. Take a look at Garuda Update | Garuda Linux wiki for more information.

If you find you still need a GUI package manager, I would check out Bauh. I usually use it to manage my Flatpaks, but it is still fully featured apart from that. Also, I would update with garuda-update before using any GUI package manager.

Proton-GE-Custom is also from the Chaotic-AUR. The version is slightly behind because Chaotic-AUR pre-builds the packages for you and thus it takes time for that repo to catch up.


Thanks for the reply!

And also, I didn't manage to find Proton-GE-Custom in Chaotic-AUR at all, just in AUR for now.

Hmm, that is weird. I do still have the prior version from there... but you are right, I don't see it in the Chaotic-AUR repo at the moment
It might have had issues building or something? I just have noticed this post Proton-ge not updating (possible dep issues)

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And I just tried to install Bauh and It says: "target not found: snapd"...

I dont know what is happening

I ran into something similar. When you open a terminal and update AUR via 'Yay -Syu' (the method the Arch wiki recommends to update AUR) it said I had updates, which none of the other methods had, including Garuda-update, or Bauh. So then I looked closer at the exact packages it wanted me to update and notice it was trying switch a few packages that were either from the Arch repos or Garuda-Aur repos to those in AUR. Not sure why it chose those few (I think 5) packages to switch, but I stopped updating AUR this way.

I just use Bauh which seems to work for all; Arch/Aur/Flatpack, etc. , and if there are major system updates, I will then use Garuda-update instead. It is all very strange.

Edit to add: I do know why it wanted me to switch those packages, because those 5 packages were more updated in AUR than they were in Arch/Garuda-Aur. To me, that is kind of dangerous switching packages to AUR.

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How are you trying to install it?
Try via terminal with
sudo pacman -S bauh
Its even in the Chaotic-AUR so things should go smoothly.

(By the way, if it ever asks about adding snapd / Snap package support, I would suggest to not use them. Arch based systems tend to not like Snaps that much)


We're having issues building that at the moment, but it will be back!


Couldn't agree more!

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Ok the installation succeeded this time

Can I add Chaotic-AUR to Bauh?

EDIT: OK, I just found that is already included!!!

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It should already be active by default as long as you have the chaotic-aur repos added to your system.


Probably not unless you really need something that's not back in Chaotic-AUR yet. If you do, it should probably be after running garuda-update so any fixes can be applied, and you get a fresh mirrorlist. If you don't see something from garuda-update it's almost definitely got some reason behind it.

We are trying to get a lot of missing packages built still. Feel free to post new issues here for anything that doesn't exist at the moment. Do check for existing ones that we're currently tracking :slight_smile:




I didn't know you could add updating AUR via Garuda-Update, thanks. Question though, will I run into the same issue that if a package in AUR is more up to day, it will try and replace it with the same package I have installed from Arch/Chaotic-AUR?

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I haven't ran into that issue so I'm not completely sure, but given the wording "Update AUR packages via paru/yay after system update." I assume it does it for packages that were installed via the AUR exclusively.

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I just tested it and those 5 packages I got by updating AUR via yay -Syu did not show up when I added updating AUR to garuda-update, so I think it is good.



SO, If i just use garuda-update without '-a', I'm good to go and thats probably all I need when I'm using this distro?

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And one more thing,

If proton-GE-custom will be in Chaotic-AUR at anytime in the future, will "garuda-update" replace AUR package with the same one from Chaotic-AUR?

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Generally yes. If you have something installed from the AUR that isn't available from Chaotic, consider requesting it via GitHub, or use -a and rely on building it yourself.

Not right away because Chaotic would provide the same package version that you have locally, but the next version would replace it.

EDIT: You can do pacman -Qm in the future to make sure that there are no packages you're building yourself needlessly.


Thanks, a lot!!!

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