Paleo/neofetch error?

Just updated Garuda, and for some reason paleofetch switched to neofetch and instead of responding with the logo and system info, starting the terminal just displays this:

neofetch may be found in the following packages:
community/neofetch 7.1.0-2 /usr/bin/neofetch
chaotic-aur/neofetch-git 7.1.0.r63.g6dd85d67-1 /usr/bin/neofetch
chaotic-aur/neofrog-git 7.1.0.r63.g6dd85d67-1 /usr/bin/neofetch
~/.config/fish/ (line 154):
from sourcing file ~/.config/fish/
called during startup

How do I fix this, and get paleofetch working again? Typing paleofetch displays the normal logo.

Check this out:

And always try with a forum search first :slight_smile:
Edit: Maybe this one is also interesting for you:


That works, thank you!

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