OpenZFS instead of BTRFS

I know I'm asking a major change but how about switching to it. I've heard it's a pain to set-up. I just wanted to know your views. I'm a noob in this setting-up department. Also, if possible, anyone know any guides to replace btrfs with zfs.

It isn't that hard, technically speaking. At one point in the past, a proof of concept ISO was created with zfs support.

However, since btrfs is fairly core to the Garuda experience, I don't see a move to zfs to be likely in Garuda's future.

I doubt there are any guides on how to do this. For Garuda there would basically be two broad steps:

  • Build an ISO with zfs support. You would really only need to add zfs-dkms to the ISO. This is easy.
  • Modify the Calamares configs for zfs. This is harder, you would have to go through all the config files and figure out which ones would need changing. I would give this a medium difficulty level. You would have to learn how Calamares works.

That being said, I don't see much point in this. The resulting system wouldn't really be Garuda anymore.


You are then on your own, we do not offer any support for this.


It sounds like you don't have much experience using ZFS. Just curious: what is your motivation to switching to it?

You could try building up a Frankenstein machine like RodneyCK does by using a basic Arch installation and then layering the Garuda tools on top.

You would be missing the benefit of some great tools, plus as Dalto mentioned the resulting system would not really be Garuda.


I think the only "tools" that are missed are the ones that concern BTRFS, Snapper and I think there is a defrag tool for BTRFS, can't remember. All the other Garuda "goodies" work fine.


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