Openmediavault pi4 cannot connect

I have openmediavault running on a pi4 connecting to my home network via ethernet at a fixed IP address.
With Linux mint in the file manager, I browse the network and my two shared driven on openmediavault show up as their share names OMV1 and OMV2 and I can browse and view the files,
Access is anonymous with no password . all files are read, write and execute

With Garuda I cannot browse the network in the same way, I see the pi and I also see the pi/smb as an item but it does not open.

Any assistance with this gratefully received

Please read



What protocol are these network file stores using?


They use Samba AFAIK

OK, so what does "it does not open" here mean?

Can you mount it manually from a terminal, and check for errors (e.g. in dmesg)?

I have no idea what any of that means

In which case I suggest you start here:


thanks for your help but samba is working both on linux mint, android and windows.
It is with Garuda that I have the problem.


Search in forum "samba" or www too :slight_smile:

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Yes, and Gardua is based on Arch, and the Arch wiki contains information which will help you narrow down the specific cause of the issue.

It sounds like you're expecting someone to provide you with a magic answer, and that's just not going to happen.


Learn how to mount your network shares either manually, through fstab, or via systemd mount units.

The Archwiki contains information on all these methods (so do the manpages).

You never even stated which desktop you are using. With KDE it is even more essential to mount your shares for playing large media files.


not to worry I have sorted it in the simplest way possible
Uninstall Garuda
Install Mint

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That is always the best solution for those unwilling to do any learning or help themselves.

It is always best if those unwilling to learn anything new would stick to a newbie distro like Mint or Ubuntu.

The Garuda forum is intended for adults capable of doing some work and research on their own.

We point you in the right direction and expect you to be willing to do some work for yourself. This is not a kindergarten or hand holding society here.

Please stick to a newbie distro if that's what you're looking for. Any Arch based distro requires the user to be willing to do some learning if they want to ride the Arch juggernaut.


As you no longer are using Garuda, I will kindly save you the effort of making the request, and I will wipe your forum account.

No need to thank me.

Enjoy the decade old software experience using Mint/Ubuntu etc.