Old snapshots or snapshot restore backups have been found that are using up disk space

Hello Garuda users.

After a while my snapshots got older and system started to give a notification about old "snaphot delete" warnings. Another user also opened a topic about it. Some members adviced to use Garuda Maintenance and enable/disable notification for old snapshot.

But I would like to remove old snapshot backup to free disk and neither command line traditional deleting process nor BTRFS Assistant did not work due to this error:

Cannot delete snapshot <num> since it is the next to be mounted snapshot.

I'd like to remove writable copy of 102# that 115# and was getting that message. So I tried to rollback with BTRFS Assistant what could not go right, I'm awkward to use this tool, LOL :laughing:

And then used Snapper command line in terminal to rollback a healthy snapshot.

╰─λ sudo snapper --ambit classic rollback 481

Reboot and nice clean backup. cli always works with snapper. And rebooted and then removed old snapshot with

╰─λ sudo snapper delete 115

Tadaaa, it gone and saved disk space. Hope this short topic can help other users to rid off old backup/snapshots.

*I'm novice user of BTRFS and snapshots, still cannot get it completely, awkwardness :smiley:

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