Off-Topic - YouTube Dislike Restoration

Whilst this is somewhat relevant to Garuda/Linux because of crappy tutorials/guides, it's mostly off-topic.
Google, in their seemingly limitless intent on being completely disconnected from their users best interests are removing the "dislike" button on videos. There's now a browser extension to restore it. This will use YT API while that remains active for another month or so, but will then use its own database for dislike count.
E2A: It's not yet been removed for everyone (including myself), but it will be soon. I'm just getting ahead of the ball.

TechHut YT Video where I just heard of it: Re-Enable YouTube Dislikes - YouTube

Git: GitHub - Anarios/return-youtube-dislike: Chrome extension to return youtube dislikes
Firefox: Return Youtube Dislike Stats – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
Chrome: Youtube Dislike Button - Chrome Web Store

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Out of curiosity, how is having a dislike button in “their users best interests”? It always seemed to me it was more of a weapon than a useful feature.

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It provides a viewer with information as to the quality of the advice in the video.
There's a lot of videos on YT taking advantage of people's technical ignorance and leading them to downloading malware that's purporting to be a guide of some kind, perhaps a game mod or whatever.
There's also a lot of trolls who'd use for example "sudo rm -Rf /opt" to speed up .

A heavy dislike ratio on such videos indicates that the information is probably not to be trusted.
Sure, it can be abused, but as with all tools, they can be used for good and bad purposes, it's wrong/foolish to take away those tools simply because some use them maliciously when they're typically used for good.


That is an interesting perspective.

I use normal FireDragon, no tools, seems I have the dislike button.

I can select them too, but I like the video and music :smiley:

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Yes, it's still present for me on FF too presently. It seems Europe's getting it turned off after the America(s).
It will be getting removed for all soon enough however.
Thanks for the reminder, I'll add that point to the OP.

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Youtube has never had the user’s best interest. They are data collection firm, using tools users want, luring the fly to the spider. Most either don’t care or can’t be bothered to free themselves from the sticky web.


I don’t believe it ! It can’t be TRUE ! Google is constantly thinking on our best interests and safety !
Facebook too!

Most think that instead of freeing themselves, they can change the sticky web ( and the eating spider ) if they just blog and do a video about it :slight_smile:

Well… good luck :slight_smile:


Oof. Don't get me started on Facebook.
The (actually quite small... cos I'm a serious introvert) number of people who call me a freaky weirdo because I refuse to use any Facebook service, including (much to some's confuzzlement) Whatsapp, "which is so cool and handy and FREE"...
:worried: :confounded: :weary: :tired_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :peanuts: :gun: :boom:

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Your not a freaky weirdo … ( neither both of us are ) :slight_smile:
I actually haven’t deleted my facebook account because deleting it just makes me lose access to it. I am hoping that there is some way eventually to delete it ( from their servers also )… I am waiting for that time!.. should be probably the year next to the “linux desktop year”.

Its actually the other way around, if you know people. The need to share everything with everyone, is the freaky stuff.

btw why are you an introvert? socializing is very cool, with the right persons.
When I am with people I think are cool , I can talk and talk and talk for days. ( probably some noticed, by the amount of posts and offtopics I do here… )

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By Nature, from the study of Jungian Depth Psychology. I'm an "INTP" (or using the more accurate nomenclature of socionics "INTj"), the I being Introvert.

I can also be "Extroverted" (in the both the way you mean it, but also the psychology way), but my preferred state is introversion and that's compounded by the fact there are few people I can comfortably be myself with and appreciated for it. On top of those points, I've been under/unemployed for years so can't afford a "social life" and for almost 2 years there's been a pandemic so I've stayed home even more than my usual hermit self. :smiley:

EDIT: Top two videos of this playlist cover INTPs
Or this readable description (which is rather flacky as they use an old and out-dated hypothesis): Introduction | Logician (INTP) Personality | 16Personalities

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VPNs enter the chat…

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thanks for the EDIT, I was on it reading -> INTJ Personality Type: In-Depth Profile & Analysis

Although I have read and learned some things about Carl Jung, I am not an expert!

That's INTJ, not INTj.
MBTI which came up with the nomenclature originally got the P & J mixed up for Introverts (Assigning it by the top extroverted function for all types, when the top Introverted function for Introverts is far to dominant to be overlooked like that). Socionics fixed that, but used lowercase to differentiate (though not really enough as there's constant confusion).

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:slight_smile: Okay... I have a ton of learning to do before I can do a "valid" reply :slight_smile:
But its cool, i love reading !

That one you linked is riddled with inaccuracies ... at least, from the hypothesis that I find most likely to be somewhat accurate. But there in lies the problem, we don't KNOW what's actually accurate as it's still very much a developing science, let alone if there's any truth at all. So it's kind of all speculation, unfortunately.

I've yet to come across a site that's "really good" for reading this stuff, worse still, the dude I find most compelling on YT, his own takes (where he drifts from published authors) are .... wonky, contradictory and excessively influenced by his religious upbringing.

E2A: This is an article I've remembered from that site that I've recommended.
It doen't much explain about the individual types for what it all means, but takes a high level view of the education system and how it favours one group over the other, then flips the script into further education.
If you like to see bigger picture to get understand how the smaller pieces fit together, this could be a better starting spot.

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First video is me described in 1:45 seconds :slight_smile: nice

Although I learned (at around my 20’s) to not neglect my body, eat healthy food and go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

Agree would rather actually post my dislike(s) cause any one can just go to a video and click dislike on it.

“It provides a viewer with information as to the quality of the advice in the video.”

No it doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone can go to a video and just click on the like button as well. I would rather say that is more of the case than the dislike button.

yes it does! Just because you don’t use it that way by any stretch of the imagination, doesn’t mean others don’t have imagination to use it that way.

the dislike button has been used very well and properly in a lot of cases. ( that i have seen, I mean )

But then, if “canceling” the dislike button… just “cancel” the like button as well!
This attitude of “we only want sycophants here” is very cult like.


WANShow discussion (timestamped):
MKBHD (entire video):
Ratio on YT’s announcement video:

Should we ban cars/planes/knives/nails, because some people use them for terrorist attacks, even though the vast majority of their use is positive and productive?
Should we ban freedom, because some people use it irresponsibly?
Heck, let’s ban water because some people drown and others use it in waterbombs/water pistols against unwitting people!