Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

Hell no, lol. Nobody is angry at anyone the thread was just the wrong one :wink:


Nope, because open source projects are meant to be modified.

But make your own logo, instead of using other distro logo. They might have copyright over it :wink:


Maybe to stop GNOME40 from breaking everything we use less extensions like this.


Interestingly a lot of extensions just work on the gnome 40 alpha. Hopefully it stays like this :grin:


How do you get the alpha?

Its on Chaotic, gnome-shell-40alfa & some other 40alfa tagged things :slight_smile:

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Do I just install it what does it do?

Install & relog, its just a more recent version of the regular gnome-shell. Things look different :smiley:
(keep in mind its labeled alpha for a reason, its just there to get a glimpse of whats coming :slight_smile: )

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I am installing it right now :grinning:

Um what do I do

Means it cant be installed at the same time, so of course you need to remove that first


Will it crash my system?

it didnt for me but that couldve changed in the last few days since its build from master :slight_smile:

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I can try the beta GNOME os in gnome boxes.

Am I the only one on the forum who the let's welcome Them to the community is accurate?

As always, more detail is appreciated. For example; do you have multiple personalities we need to be aware of? Are any of them dangerous? Can you do an inixi -Fxxxxz on each so we understand their problem(s)?

regards to Them


I am one person BTW

But which of Them are we chatting with?

(See, two or more can play the game.)


I am serious BTW This account is one person

Owned by Them?

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