Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

Yeah, almost all boys in my hostel are the same if not worse. There are more ppl with receding hairlines in my college than without and that’s not counting the staff. So don’t worry you are certainly not alone.


Same here, I’ve got so much forehead now that I believe it’s technically a five-head. :upside_down_face:


You still have hair, you lucky ones. :smiley:


Symbol image, type similar
But my auricles are smaller :smiley:


Well I believe almost all men have to be ready for this future. I certainly am :sweat:.


Oh, hell, there’s a few of us here, that if we ever met up IRL, we’d slug each other in the shoulder then go have a :beer: (or :beers: ) together. (Only curtsies & beers to the feminine members of that small group, of course.)

And if SGS suspected anyone might try to tickle the tiger’s toe, little ol’ moi might be on his short list.

Factually, nothing could give me more pleasure than if it were possible to travel to the U.K. & Europe to visit my forum friends. Nothing. :slight_smile:


Reminds me of my cat, Radical, who has ears like a fox and a head like a bat.


Hey Bro! You should come to India too, it would be cheaper here. :sweat_smile:


Sometimes, I forget how elder you are. I should be addressing you with respect. In India, I would have addressed you with sir or probably uncle…

I have been calling any elder with an age gap roughly more than 15 years, uncle or aunty.
Is that weird, or is it common everywhere in India?

How do you address the elders in America or Europe?
I have heard they just call you by name, no matter how old you are. Is that true?

Young generation said
Old white men = Assholes :rofl:

White means here the hair color.
But they usually only mean men in dubious positions of power, such as in politics.

The rest they call, grandpa’s :slight_smile: , Opa ('s) in German.


Well, we too use grandma or grandpa.
In my case, I have always been calling everyone who is like grandpa/grandma to me, what my parents have been calling them (their uncles/aunts) :sweat_smile:.

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Did you seriously called a girl of 15 aunty when you where something like 10 :joy: ?

I really want to know how was her face after that :rofl: .

I never dared to call a girl of 15 aunty when I was a kid . I used to call Didi(दीदी) (which means elder sister in hindi) .

I salute your bravery :saluting_face: .

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I meant when the age gap is more than 15

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I was going to bitch-slap you for reminding me I was so old “of an age” when I realized I make enough mention of it myself. :smiley:

Here’s the dealio, youngsters: Mature folks like to be recognized for the experience and knowledge we’ve picked up over the years; we just don’t like to be reminded of the years it took to acquire them.

There, I think that says it nicely. In other words…

“If any of you sons of bitches calls me grandpa, I’ll kill you.”

~ Sgt. Maj. Plumley, We Were Soldiers.


Don’t worry bro you are a cool grandpa… :smile:



Being old isn’t bad , until you start yelling on us like :

Baby Boomers Reaction GIF by MOODMAN
And yeah you’re a cool grandpa :sweat_smile: (I hope this line wouldn’t poke bear outside from you :no_mouth: )



Call me “cool” again. I dare ya. :frowning:


You know, the only reason I asked to have my forum nick changed from c00ter to Bro is that I hate bro’s usage so much I wanted to try preempting it in any way possible. :smiley:

You don’t get it. That’s the fun part!


why don’t you just admit your a boring old fart in a young persons world gran dad


You forgot to warn @Bro about becoming bloat :grin: , yeah in India food is extremely cheaper than other countries but they are very testy!! :yum: .

If you don’t have a good enough control on your watery mouth then you will become very bloated :rofl:


This also aplies to Peru in the UK you need a mortgage to by a coffee lol