Nvidia drivers installing

I have Nvidia card on my laptop and when installing grudaa linux it installs by default nvidia-460 drivers which doesn't work.
I want to uninstall the new drivers and install the 390-kms drivers any help plz
I'm new to arch based distroes :blush:

Which part doesn't work, specifically? (please provide more detail than a couple of words)

Assuming this is actually necessary, you probably want to just reinstall and pick the "free" driver option, then once the OS is installed you can install the 390xx drivers using Garuda Settings Manager.


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You should really read the Garuda Wiki entry on "Reporting bugs" as you have provided zero hardware information. Whenever opening a help request that is pertaining to issues with drivers for your hardware, you must include your hardware specs. The wiki provides instructions on how to properly post your specs on the forum.


Thanks for the replay
I have Nvidia geoforce 710 m and the 460-drivers don't support my old graphics card I was using Linux mint which installs 390 drivers by default and it worked just fine
I want to know the méthode to uninstall the 460 drivers and install the 390.

Thank you for the reply
Sir this is the first time I ask a question in a forum I'm sorry for the casualties I caused and I'll make sure to do better next time :slightly_smiling_face:

Your apology is very nice, but unnecessary. What would be more helpful would be learning how to post your full specs as suggested in the wiki using the inxi command.

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