Not able to Add any new Widgets, Package Type "Plasma/Applet" not found

@Bro: I have no idea how you come up with something like that. This has nothing to do with arch, the problems with plasma 6 also affect fedora and kde neon, for example.

@Kresimir: Says someone who has an empty gitlab account and was banned from the endeavour forum.
How about you contribute something constructive, for example here:

or these two topics:

and go through all the logs chronologically and give your opinion? A second opinion is always helpful and contributes to finding a solution.
But these are just examples. I know that you are not stupid and could help with many problems.
The entire community would benefit from this.

Personally, I have nothing against having fun. But if you have nothing better to do in a topic - where someone is looking for a solution to a problem - than trolling, you should register on reddit.
There’s too much OT here again btw.

@dschibster: You can also try reinstalling Plasma, maybe helps:

sudo pacman -S plasma-workspace plasma-desktop


Another option would be to change the global theme to “breeze” and check whether the “add widgets page” works.

You can also try creating a new user account to check if it works without any issues.

Or you wait for the next version of Plasma and hope that the bugs have been fixed :slight_smile: