No Keyboard & Touchpad on USB Boot - Can't Install

Using a Toshiba Satellite and seems to be a common issue when installing different Linux distro that Keyboard/Touchpad are not recognized.


When using USB for ISO boot I can use both key+pad for selecting the Garuda options, but when getting to the main Garuda screen after boot neither work anymore.

Some say they solved this after changing;

  • In /etc/default/grub, edited the line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to say atkbd.reset i8042.nomux in addition to quiet splash which was already there before
    Ran sudo update-grub and rebooted"

-But the problem is I can't even change this because not access.

Or, can this be changed in the ISO so that it boot with this already on the USB?

The easy way is have you got a usb keyboard you can plugin and try to see if that is recognized

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If the keyboard is working in the ISO grub, try to add this atkbd.reset i8042.nomux or whatever else from the grub of the ISO.
When you are on the eg free drivers line press button E, go to the line starting with linux, add it and press ctrl+x

If you can boot from the ISO, after you've installed, follow the instructions on forum to chroot into your installed system and execute those steps you've found for Ubuntu or other distros

I don't have one but will try to borrow soon and test.

Can't install... no way to select that w/o key+pad...

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Ok Sorry I didn't get it... I thought the ISO was working.

The USB ISO works fine on others, I've installed on a Lenovo unit, no problem.

But on the Toshiba Satellite I can't select installation as no key+pad.
I get to the first screen, with drivers etc, but when it loads into next screen where I can install then nothing works (Garuda Menu). Have tried both dragonized and LXQT.

I'm wondering if there is a way to change the ISO grub made by the USB on another PC?

If necessary, you can update your drivers on the Toshiba website.

No "but". You did not understand. Do the proposed command line changes at that 1st screen (Garuda grub).


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