No application can access the microphone

Hi, im using Garuda linux with Gnome in a lenovo ideapad 320 with an AMD A12 APU.

I'm having the problem that I cant manage to give permission to other apps to use the microphone. When I access the microphone configuration this appears:

No applications have asked for microphone access

which is not true, because when I tried to take a class in meet, firefox, librewolf, and chrome. They asked for permission, but it dint work in any one of them. I have a dual boot with Windows and the microphone works perfectly there.

I make sure to have my sound card as the default source by running the command: pacmd list-sources

Also, when running the command pacmd list-source-outputs chrome appears, and it says that is not muted.

What can I do?

No offense about GNOME but it's sometimes buggy.
Can you maybe test with other Garuda DE? KDE, Xfce?


Maybe read



inxi -Fxxxza

Do you use pipewire or pulseaudio?

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