Night Mode on Startup


My computer is set to have Night Mode always on, I've been noticing that it isn't on by default whenever I start my computer. It says it's on, but when I turn it off, and back on again, I notice a significant difference in the color of my screen compared to startup. What could be the reason(s) for this?

Yes, this happens to me too. Not only Night Mode, but also Compositor. Both of them I have to re-enable at every boot. However, my hard disk gives S.M.A.R.T error and is about to die soon, so I think that's the problem to slow down and make it crash. Maybe this is the reason for me, or there might have bug, I'm not sure.

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What could be the reasons for what? Toggling "Night Mode" making a difference to the screen colour, or "Night Mode" not being enabled on startup?

Also, which desktop environment has "Night Mode" ?

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Remove redshift from KDE settings.


I don't think I have redshift installed. When I search it, the only option I see is "Get Redshift". I'm using the KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition environment. Also, I may have been a bit unclear. Apologies if so. When I said "Night Mode" was not enabled in startup, I didn't mean literally. On startup, when I check the settings for Night Mode, it says it's toggled on. However, my screen is not orange-ish at all. When I turn it off and back on again, THEN I see the difference.

Then what's the problem

All I can say is go to settings and uncheck night color and press apply. Also, if it doesn't solve, adjust hue to coldest temperature and apply.

It is integrated into KDE. You may perhaps need to log off/on to activate any changes (don't use it so don't know).

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I checked. Redshift was not installed. I installed it and turned it off. Rebooted my PC. Still had to manually toggle Night Color.

Perhaps I am wrong, but as I already stated redshift is integrated into KDE by default now I believe. It does not need to be installed separately on KDE, and I would assume doing so would lead to problems. As I stated I don't use redshift so I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure it's included as part of KDE now.

Check your logs and settings

sed -n '/\[NightColor\]/,/^\[/p' kwinrc | grep -v "\["
journalctl  | grep -C2   kcm_nightcolor
journalctl -b | grep -C2  kwinrc
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