? next to Garuda KDE Dr4g0nized

Theres a ? next to Garuda KDE Dr4g0nized in the topbar where the symbol needs to be what could be the problem.

Could you be more specific about which character is replaced by the "?" ? What was supposed to be there?


actually i got ehat he meant, there is the window title widget, which shows garuda kde dragonized :dragon: , but some devices might not render the :dragon: emoji and might show the ? mark, this is what he meant, this can some times be resolved by the reinstallation of the widget

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I think there are two noto packages that are needed, one is the font and one font config. Search for
pacman -Ss emoji


Thx Guys installing noto-color-emoji-fontconfig worked.
I really love this community and thanks for the quick answers. <3


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