New nvidia drivers (beta 555), suggestions on how to install?

I’d love to use the new nvidia drivers, tried on another distro that implements them already, I had only advantages from them (aside the occasional crash of steam, but nothing major), did you guys tried them on garuda? if yes, please tell me how to install them without destroying the whole system :stuck_out_tongue:
I did look around but the informations tied to this particular beta versions are scarce to say the least.

EDIT: in case you are wondering how it works… If you have an nvidia card install this beta drivers as soon as possible. They are not perfect but everything is MUCH more smooth, games run with no issues, the only problem I found so far was the tiling editor in kde not working (meta+T does nothing, just causes the screen to glitch for a second).
Experience not so great compared to a kde properly patched, I do not know how to do so, I’ll try to figure it out but given my level of knowledge I’d hope for someone here to give advices on the matter. TLDR: Just moving to beta won’t give an optimized experience.

sudo pacman -S nvidia-beta-dkms

nvidia-utils can’t be removed because this packages depends on it:

That’s actually the reason I wrote on the forum… I don’t want to destroy anything garuda related as well.

I don’t have an Nvidia system to test, but it should be as simple as adding the packages it needs to the install command.

sudo pacman -S nvidia-beta-dkms nvidia-utils-beta lib32-nvidia-utils-beta

Thank you very much, it was in fact that easy… but being a noob I tried them one by one expecting the same result. :melting_face:


ty you helped me out by asking this question, also a noob here

edit- video no longer useful.

for me kwin-explicit-sync isnt installing, I go to pacseek and click enter, enter Y and it just shows info but never installs you have any solution for that as the video just shows it installing for him easily

if you are trying to install something with paru: it shows you what it’s going to happen, it’s like a “preview”, simply press Q to close it and go ahead.

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So atm I been trying to use pacseek; but if paru do I just type paru kwin-explicit-sync and that’s it? update thank you , you helped me tons didnt know this about Q. You actually helped me more than this i had other apps I wanted to download but had this issue lol

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing I recommend you to stick to each and every step he takes in the video, eventually pause it and read carefully, he does everything on screen.

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yah done it fully; seems after the explicit even with his fixes, when clicking anything on status bar that has its sub menus like volume or application launcher it freezes the screen until I reclick it sadly/ if I need to revert back at least for the explicit parts what are the steps needed to do; do I go to pacseek reinstall kwin remove the grub nvidia_drm=0 etc apply grub update and back to nvidia 555 without kwin-explicit-sync? I know as a new user i shouldnt test this type stuff but I have nothing on this pc that I care about other than gaming as I do most of my work and backed up files away from this pc. so thats why I am tinkering with lots and trying my best to learn linux quickly

kde already has it installed as of 6.0.4 no need to add some weird kwin. also make sure to restart the system after installing the drivers

So how would I revert back , to I just install kwin again from pacseek ?

either a snapshot or i suppose look for the base file an install it

extra/kwin 6.0.5-1 [0 B 33.68 MiB] [Installed] (plasma)
An easy to use, but flexible, composited Window Manager

Decided to restore via snapshot luckily I made one few hours ago lol

the system makes one before an after you do anything in terminal so as long as you have the system set to save more then a few it should be there in the name PRE xx POST xx

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that is honestly cool, when i used windows its version seemed to never work for me compared to this

Unless set it wont deal with your home directory but that takes up way to much space lol


I got like fresh 14tb of space so I’m good there , and my true backup outside of this test trial of Linux for gaming for me I got 14tb of storage also plus 12th of cloud storage backed up also

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