I am confused by what the issue is [Nvidia driver]

New nvidia drivers (beta 555), suggestions on how to install? - #4 by BluishHumility

This seems to have done the trick. I am very much appreciative of your time! If it relapses and I have issues again. I will make sure to take better notes of errors. I did try to switch to TTY prior and it wouldn’t. At least when it was hanging at the “unable to load kernel modules” message, it wouldn’t. It just had that 3 times in a row with no number error or anything. I wish I could remember it exactly.

In order to help anyone who may come across this. My steps after your reply were as follows:

I followed each link you sent and after reading both, I took your wisdom in regards to the 550.78 drivers. I have had so many issues following this update that I concluded the best place to start would be with the 555 beta drivers.

I had previously attempted to switch into a console at hangs and it wouldn’t. When I used a flash drive and live iso to attempt chroot I had issues with my drive showing 0bytes and being unable to mount and after reading the post I tried “sudo dkms autoinstall” and found that it would fail.

Since I have a backup of all my files I felt I could take the chance and I installed the beta drivers after following the instructions in the second link given. I rebooted and everything seems to work perfectly so far.

as for

Thank you for this. I had looked into this awhile back when I read somewhere or maybe someone on YouTube mentioned it. My drive fortunately wasn’t one of the affected.

Thank you. The Garuda Community is the best. This forum is run so well and I am grateful to have this resource as I use it all the time to do research.