New neofetch logo?

Hi everyone.
I'm taking back this topic because this is becoming a little personal war for me!
I'm on Garuda Sway, with Hyprland WM and I'm experimenting a bit.
Terminal is "Alacritty" and ashii garuda logo is given by "fish".
Now....I can't find where the txt file is stored, that's incredible I can't find a single page on internet talking about it.
Am I looking in the wrong place? Maybe logo is related to alacritty files and not fish? I've no idea.

Give a look at the package wiki.

If not helping, please open a dedicated topic.
I have to close this one, since it's old and we moved to fastfetch now.


It's not clear what "txt file" you are looking for, but if you mean the ascii art logos, they are stored in the actual binary.

micro /usr/bin/fastfetch

Keep scrolling down and you will see them.

If you want to customize your fastfetch logo in some way, this would be the appropriate reference: fastfetch/ at dev · LinusDierheimer/fastfetch · GitHub