New ISO for September

As there is currently a packaging related issue, that could trip over a lot of people at their first time trying Garuda, could we release a new ISO?

I actually don’t know, how that is handled, as I never saw a public invitation to test the ISO, as I am used to it from other distros.

The current release is from May, so it may be about time, also without considering the networkmanager-fortisslvpn issue?

As there are CI builds available, I assume the process is to simply pick one, test it and then release it? Probably a bit naive from my side, so that’s why I ask. :smiley:


It’s already in the works, yes. :smiley:


At your own risk, whereas bug fixes in Gitlab should be discussed in order not to confuse the normal user here. :slight_smile:

The best thing to do is to test GNOME, Xfce, Wayfire, MATE.


That is actually a great idea. We are currently waiting for some editions to be tested in order to release new ones. Having the community help out here would definitely speed up the process :eyes:


@SGS Yes. As I said “public invitations”, this is what I meant:

I know about the public availability of CI builds :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is related but if i need a new install I always use the latest ISO from the ISO site. I’ve never had any issues.
The most noticeable change to the last one I used was the option to use Wayland, which I’m using now :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I added that! :smiley: Very happy to see someone already uses that feature, a lot quicker than I expected.

Anyway Plasma 6 will default to it so I figured it was about time to bring a bit more of Wayland in Garuda! :smiley:


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