Call for testers of our refreshed ISO builds!

Hello everyone! :wave:

We hope you are doing fine. As requested in New ISO for September, we are on our way to the new ISO refresh. To ensure everything works as well as to speed up the process, we would like to ask for your help testing those images :slight_smile:

Known issues:

ISO builds may be → found here ← you may take whatever is latest. Hyprland as a community edition can be found here.

We are accepting contributions concerning any kind of issue! :smiley:

Happy weekend and happy testing :partying_face:


Telling about Hyprland , there is little fix on waybar requred :

and just a small suggestion , we should mention that $mod + i is the keybinding to start the calamares installer for hyprland in downloads section when it will be there :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s all from my side :grinning: !!!


I can help. I have a spare desktop PC which is not mission critical.
I’ll give whichever ISO is the latest one a go in both X11 and Wayland.


Has the Calamare’s installer not launching from the desktop icon for it been addressed in the Dr460nized-Gaming edition?



Are we going for a new store front with the new iso ? (wallpaper)


Tested iso garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-230923.iso


  • A directory cannot be opened as root via the right-click menu in Dolphin.

Kde team has released a package called kio-admin to write to the root directory with dolphin. It seems to be working smoothly.

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It is a missing feature for inexperienced users.
They can only get into mischief in the / area.


You can add rootactions from within Dolphin under Settings, Configure Dolphin, Context Menu, Download New Services or kde-servicemenus-rootactions from the Chaotic repo.

I’m with SGS use with extreme care.

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We already have RootActionsMenu as a right-click context menu within Dolphin. Granted the specific option “Open in File Manager” as root does not work, however with the HUUUUGE upcoming Plasma 6 changes, I personally am reluctant to find a different solution for this.

Not that I don’t care, but we know we will have to invest quite some time fixing, adjusting and changing options/packages with Plasma 6, so starting about 1-2 weeks ago, after I had invested well over 20h to improve something that was just then confirmed as completely re-designed in Plasma 6, I decided to stop changing things unless it requires virtually no time or is an important irritant/showstopper for most/all people.


Work fine.

So no need for

Give the user some leeway to be able to change things :wink:

It is supposed to be included, yes and should work out of the box:


There is a new ISO containing those changes (230924)


Installed the 230922 Dr460nized-Gaming, gave it a run though and all seems good.


Hi, for install “garuda-hyprland-linux-zen-230924.iso” install Garuda Linux, It does not run

Please, open new thread on Hyprland | Community, and follow the template. :slight_smile: , we need more details :slight_smile:
I just tested this one yesterday and it works fine. Think about, that not all Nvidia GPU’s work together with Hyprland.


Hello, administrators, I am delighted to try the new ISOs on my portable machine for daily use, but once installed and tested for at least 3 days, where should I report? I don’t know if they have a template or a specific thread where to send my log and What things should I try, because I am a user who literally plays with Virtual Machines with Virt-manager, Emacs, browser is my daily life.

Just open a new thread in the appropriate section (GNOME, LXqt, …) write that you encountered the following while testing …
Also include the garuda-inxi so we have the system specs and the full ISO name.

Besides, write that it is running in a VM, as there can be problems here too.

Did the live ISO boot.
Install with calamares work too. Metal/VM
Just open some apps, from garuda and others.
Check for missing icons.

Those are the most important things for now. :slight_smile:


I can help you guys out!!


Mmm… Anyone can help :sweat_smile:
It’s FOSS !!!:grin:
Juat take any iso of any edition that you like and follow this post :