New install issues

Ok; So besides Zen kernel not loading right failed to start light DM issue (assumes why we were told of change a bit ago) sometimes when I enter my password to install in term it fails gives me a mocking statement lol btw. but what I've had to do to say launch ufw is using su put in my PW then run the command is this an end-user thing ??? didn't get this old install. but wanted to test out win11 and do gpt partitions oh fun. Is there a way to verify installation after the fact?

It is very hard to understand your situation from your post.
Edit it to be more clear, post inxi -Faz in 3 ~~~ tilde signs.
Then you can expect help from more knowledgeable people.


Test some alternate kernels.

Yes, the devs installed an AI modeled on my personality to mock the user if the password was entered incorrectly. :crazy_face: But seriously, search this issue on the forum if it continues to bother you.

I think more information about your issues would definitely lead to receiving better advice.


ok; here I go.
if I do sudo my PW can't run maybe sudo not installed gives an error and mocking statement.

but if in term i do #su# then pw then run command i want my PW works.

now I did do the big failure and not check md5sum but i never really have an issue with this anymore unless it's from a certain host.

pamac was not installed when I installed though (was this another change)?

the password thing also happened with the gamer script and another on install.
after I installed pamac .I had to get steam etc from it .
I just ran the redownload of all apps just encase of issues.

The following is a very old arch forum thread, so might be not applicable anymore...
But IMO gives some hints like checking the sudoers file, the wheel group, etc.
At that time, many solved the issue reinstalling pambase.
I have no clue if this could still apply, but you may want to try...


thank you .
Very much Filo.


You may want to try installing your system using an all numerical password (same for both su and sudo). This will rule out if there is a user keyboard locale misconfiguration causing your problem. Try a password simply using numbers alone, no letters or special characters.


That is actually a feature of sudo, one could call it easteregg :stuck_out_tongue:


well i found my way around it but maybe something is wrong with this install just enough that i have these ticks now.
still xfce but newer and no zen kernel but ticks :frowning:
is ok we move forward and either fix or work around #su# works no issues with my password.
the fact that i had to install pamac gui tool was odd as we fixed the upgrade issue before i reinstalled to a gpt partition .

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