New Garuda user (veteran Linux user) has problems with IRC registration

Hi, everyone!

  • Short introduction *

You could probably call me a distro-hopper until I find a distro worth staying with. Garuda experience truly surprised me. Contrary to many beliefs/experiences I only have good linux desktop experience when I use sway (or other wayland) windows managers and garuda provides with best sway theme and overall OS stability. So, I think i’ve found my home after 17 years of playing with linux :slight_smile:

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I’m life long IRC user and to me it’s important to reach community via IRC as well, however when I registered I didn’t receive confirmation e-mail which I’m supposed to receive to finish registration. Noone in #chat or #linux can help me with this so I’m hoping there is IRC staff here in forums too. And the only way I can enter #garuda is with registered nickname.
I used e-mail but it seems there is an error on irc-nerds end.

Thank you, Garuda Team for this very modern, cool looking and above all - efficiently working Linux distribution. I hope to connect with you (both staff and users) more on IRC (but also forums).


Welcome! :slight_smile:

@sorcerer420 runs the network, maybe he can take a look for you.

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That would be nice! It has been ~1hr since I registered and still haven’t received e-mail (yes, I checked spam and all e-mails)

I did exactly that today, registered at, around same time, and had no problems. Sadly irssi can’t resolve that address, had to use webchat

I still haven’t received e-mail to confirm my nickname. It says that nickname is registered and when I try to identify it says incorrect password (because it’s not confirmed via e-mail I assume).

Hi @aldcor
I made this logo (your avatar) for the now dead blue bird.


So that Garuda Linux can continue to use it as an official logo and no one could get the idea that you are part of the Garuda team, it would be nice of you to use something else.
Recently, I made an alternative for other users in a similar case.
If I come up with something, I will let you know :slight_smile: .
I am open for inspiration.

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Gotcha. My idea behind was I support Garuda.
No problem, I picked classic brand :slight_smile:


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