Network Problem

Hello Everyone,New User Here.

I Used balenaEtcher To Burn Garuda On My USB (Im Doing DualBooting,Win 10 With Garuda)

Now When I Join Garuda After Choosing USB And Booting,It basically Doesnt Show Me The Wifi
Even When I Plug In My Wifi Cable,Nothing Happens.

Do I Need To Download Some Sort Of Drivers ? Or Im Doing Something Wrong

Thanks In Advance

My Laptop Spec (Incase Needed):
CPU: I5-8250U
Dell Vostro 3578

Hi there, welcome!
First of all, if you can copy this info somewhere and then paste, please provide the output of
inxi -Fza
formatted as text, with 3 ~ before and after

I think you have a broadcom card, whose main reference in the the arch wiki is
Please take a look, although I understand that without wifi and ethernet access it is going to be though... :pensive:


I suggest you don't its a lot of hassle, especially with windows updates.

Second of all, I understand you are having this issue in the live USB environment. Can you try connecting to your WIFI using iwctl
iwctl(1) — Arch manual pages (

And yes please post your inxi

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I generally won't spend a lot of time on responding to cases in the live environment. Especially for Broadcom wifi adapter's. Broadcom will often not work properly in the live environment, but will work once installed to bare metal. Please install Garuda as internet is not required to install.

It is also unproductive trying to help users who do not provide their inxi output when requested., please provide your inxi.


thank you everyone i will try

@tbg im new to linux,i will try

i will try garuda first and if i like it much then i will get rid from my win 10

Why not use the live environment to try out garuda?

i dont know what it means,im still new
also i forgot to mention important thing,when i boot the usb and it gets into this stage:

it keeps show me network manager service error
and this in rufus/balena:

could this be the reason for the issue im facing ? internet worked fine in virtualbox wit same ISO

No that's fine I don't understand the image you have written text over the actual thing

when i boot into usb to install garuda
and it shows the OK thing
instant fail happens and shows network service manager error

Please verify the checksum of your Iso and send a pic of the error

ok i will do

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What I meant by live usb is that once you boot to garuda you can try garuda straight from the USB without having to install it.

Yes but i dont have internet on it which is the problem here

But you aren't able to boot as said by you.
I think a language barrier is forming here.

no no you didnt understand what i meant
i can boot into usb live
but when booting it shows me a network service manager error but still i could boot into garuda and no internet in there
even when pluging in the ethernet,it doesnt fix my problem

As always,


and post terminal in- and output from

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.

try Ventoy.

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Why don't manually start it with terminal and show us the output?

Thanks Everyone,I Fixed It.

Keep Up The Good Work With This Insane OS!

Please Close Topic

Post fix please.