Need help booting Garuda after fixing MBR for Windows 10 (Grub dissappeared)

A bit of backstory :
I've had a ton of issues with windows 10 ever since I started duel booting Garuda along side it which prevented me from updating windows and putting my PC in sleep mode. I recently fixed this by using Boot-Repair-DIsk but as a result I've lost grub completely and I'm unable to get back into Garuda.

Is there any way I can get back into Garuda from windows? Preferably without having to break the master boot record (MBR) and breaking windows once again.



But is there a way to get back into Garuda after the bootloader is gone?

Disable hibernation and disable fast startupon Windows and reboot. Boot from Garuda live environment and send me output of garuda-inxi and sudo fdisk -l.
It might not be possible to recover Garuda from Windows.

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@MaxIsJoe give this a try:


Fixed but...?

Not fixed. Note the difference.

Yes, unless you have subsequently done anything that screws up your partition/filesystem tables (too much). But what are you planning to do the next time it happens? And it will happen again. It's The Curse of Windows and you have been so cursed. Not your fault.

MBR or GPT? BIOS or EUFI? Terminology! :slight_smile:

If worse-comes-to-worst, then I have recent experience destroying and (partially) restoring filesystems. From what you might call an experienced stand point. First thing I did, of course, after putting down the wine glass and sobbing uncontrollably was remember an application called Photorec. And it does more than recover photos. And it comes in Linux, Mac, and even Windows format IIRC. Search--it's on Git-whatever.

Anyway, I admit to doing dumb stuff on very, very rare occasions (the admitting, not the doing), so if all seems lost, it isn't. Maybe.

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I'm pretty certain the Garuda live installer environment provides a "Restore GRUB" option via Garuda Assistant for exactly this reason.


Yeah, but where's all the pain, angst, and unforgettable life lessons if things are made that simple???



Dual-booting is a complexity that newbie Linux users should not subject themselves to.

Use a VM for Windows if you have to run Windows productivity apps.

For gaming, Steam Play has your bases covered and will continue to improve.


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