My Screen Got Freeze Suddenly and unable to boot into Garuda

Hello Everyone Out Here !!

My laptop : Lenovo ideapad s540 , running garuda kde dragonized edition ..

Regarding my issue, I was actually surfing through web and suddenly a message pop up like "Your storage is full" and damn it whole system got freeze no actions were working, so I tried to force reboot by pressing power button, and then my system never booted tried so many times it ended up with an error .. ss below
Regarding my storage around 10gig was free on my system ... I don't know how suddenly system storage got full :cry:

And the next thing I tried restoring my snapshots .. I tried to restore every snapshot, even there also i ended up with an error .. ss below

Sorry for not posting inzi output, as I am unable to boot into system so I can't :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance ... Please I need my working Garuda back ASAP

Can you load a live usb to help diagnose the problem?


I'd take the chance of booting from the live ISO to delete as much stuff as possible.
E.g. I'd chroot into your installed system and remove the pacman cache with pacman -Sc, which, if forgotten for long time, can free up quite a lot of space.
From the chroot, after freeing space, also an update could be beneficial.


Yeah .. Bootable pd with latest Garuda ISO is ready ..
So sir what's next ??

Sir newbie here ...
I don't know much about chroot ...
After booting live usb what should i do next ??

Try reading these first!
And then try chrooting in lets us no where you get stuck then.


There is a tool for that in the live USB, or a tutorial in the forum to do it manually.


Sir I'm trying to clean Pacman cache, but I got this error .. what should I do now ??

Try first to remove the lock with:
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
and repeat:
sudo pacman -Sc
If there is still the error "No space left" maybe you could try to clean the cache manually:
sudo rm /var/cache/pacman/*

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Sir I tried to clean up some of my files when i booted from live usb ..
I cleared around 3gigs

The last one ..

Still my system unable to boot up
I dont know exactly what issue the less storage or something else

Maybe now you could try running update, when in chroot, to see if there was a previous incomplete update.


Sir tried to remove lock but ended up with error
And tried to update my system too still having errors

Pls help

Stop posting pictures from terminal, please.
Copy and paste the text.

How?, always post in and output, as text!
In terminal




Thank you Guys .. Got my system back :innocent:

Why you post again a picture?
We trust you without.

Picture are fine in Artwork or Screenshots from Garuda Linux Desktop.


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