My Kate does not detect spellcheck backends

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I forgot to mention that this library (hunspell-de) was already installed as well.

And I would assume, the error message in my screenshot would not appear, if a backend like hunspell would be installed, just the language selection would stay empty.

I would assume, one of the people here could spend 10 seconds to install hunspell, to confirm if this is a me issue. My fault.


Just alone that you assume, that any project of a certain size has a fixed number of potential contributors, just shows the drastic misconception here.

Did you ever imagine, that the rate of contributors does not go hand in hand with the amount of users?

Like, why should that even be?

It is ONE indicator, and not the sole, dominant deciding factor.

And that you assume otherwise, just shows the whole reason for the low rate of contributors of this project.

Projects can be small and have a growth rate of contributions, that is larger than that of more popular projects.

The Nim community is quite small, not well funded, and is a niche programming language.
Still, its community has a more active and engaging communication than other languages, of a comparable, or even more popular representation.

That is simply, because some people care about onboarding others, and some … are like Garuda.

Let’s not become unfriendly here, even though closing the thread was overruled by creating a new one…

I agree with some aspects of this actually. There has to be a reason why we are missing maintainers badly after all :smiling_face_with_tear:


Fine, however this should be two separate discussions so that folks who have something say about the Kate spellcheck issue do not have to wade through the aftermath of another elaborate trolling effort where @ShalokShalom goes on and on about how shitty the Garuda community is in a backhanded way.

@ShalokShalom please edit your post so it focuses on one of your grievances and make a separate topic for the other so we can separate the discussions.

One of these projects appeals to Linux beginners and one is a tool for people who are literally already writing code. It should be obvious that a disproportionately higher number of community members will be able to contribute code to Nim.


All I know is that, being American, I install hunspell & hunspell-en_us in my distro of choice and it all works. I would assume it is something similar in other languages. It doesn’t seem like it would be such a torturous problem for most Linux users to overcome.

Hell, ipso facto we’re smarter than the average bears anyway, because We Run Linux. QED

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I will leave the community.

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