Account removal Request II

You have, just another time, not read what I wrote.
I was very clear, that I compared one language to another.

You can see that in my comment.
It is not my English that is at fault.

You do jump to conclusions to make your point.
So your goal is not listening, it is to defend your point.

And without listening, you will never be able to communicate sensibly.
And without that, how will you lead a community?

Please delete my account.
I hope you listen this time.

I never wish to be the reason someone decides to leave the community, so for that reason I find this news disappointing. Still, especially toward the end, your presence in the forum has been increasingly toxic; ultimately, perhaps this is for the best.

I read your message again and I see what you mean: you were comparing Nim with other languages, not with Garuda Linux. Apologies for misreading your words; like you said there is nothing wrong with your English. Still, this distinction does not change the point you were trying to make in a significant way, nor does it change the point I was trying to make.

It’s a shame to see you go because you are a really smart guy and I would have liked to have seen you come around instead. If you could change your habit of constantly identifying things you think need to be improved to instead identify things that you can help improve, that small shift would transform your presence from being a nuisance to being an asset.

No hard feelings I hope, I wish you all the best on your journey. Maybe we’ll see you back someday. If not, I’m sure I’ll continue to see you elsewhere on the internet in forums and projects, so until then farewell. :wave: