Move Top Panel window appmenu to application window

I'm just getting started using Garuda, and overall, I like it. There are a few details that I am currently working on resolving. The one I am focusing on in this post is where the menu toolbar (I think it's called "window appMenu"; i.e., the menu that contains "File", "Edit", "View", etc.) appears.

Currently, this appears in the top panel, along with the the aplication menu and the system tray.

What I am looking to do is to have the "window appMenu" appear at the top of the individual application window.

I've already tried right-clicking on the top panel, then choosing "Config Latte", choosing the "Preferences" tab, and unchecking "Support borderless maximized windows in different layouts" (I read this in a post which I cannot now relocate); however, this did not solve my problem.

A (admittedly somewhat cursory) search through the Latte documentation did not discover any answers.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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You were close! Instead, right-click top panel and choose EDIT PANEL (curiously that's the only available option for me), then hover mouse on what's called WINDOW APPMENU on the left side of the top bar and remove applet.

This should bring your app menu back to default which is on individual application windows, as well as removing the menu from the top bar.

That's normal, it's not a Latte feature, it's a Plasma applet pre-installed in the Garuda ISO image.


I did this and I no longer have any app menu anywhere.

I also looked into those posts:

(Btw I'm not looking to get app menu in the title bar, just in the usual place of most DE/WM, with the app window)

So this isn't a new topic, I struggle as much as others, and the search in the forum didn't yield any working answer so far...

Also: some answers in old posts I linked here said that it is solved, while it isn't (which is rather misleading when searching for a solution).

Could anyone be so kind as to point me to some resource for that?



I tried
with (in .config)
sed -i 's/MenuBar=Disabled/MenuBar=Enabled/' *rc
And also for konsolerc
And of course, disconnect and reconnect the user.
This works for konsole.
But not for dolphin as it is reverted to Disabled by some process in my back!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And it's not working for other apps like Chrome.

It would be of great help to know why this certain config changes, but I guess you can try making it immutable to prevent that with chattr +i dolphinrc (quick and dirty). No drawbacks other than not being able to modify dolphinrc settings by yourself.