Modified the Ultimate Version to be like Dr46onized

Hello I have read that Garuda Linux Dr46onized can be modified to have the Ultimate features, but is there a way to modified the Ultimate version appearance to looking like Dr46onized version?

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Can be applied for any version :slight_smile:


first install these dependencies with:

sudo pacman -S gcc extra-cmake-modules plasma-framework gettext kdecoration

next remove whatever panel you have and right click and select

Add Panel --> Application menu bar

you'll need a few widgets to add on the application menu bar you just created,
they will be :

Window title
Global Menu
Application Launcher
System Tray
Window Buttons
Digital Clock

Most of these are already included in KDE's widget menu, but you'll have to install the rest.
Namely, windows title and buttons.

git clone
cd applet-window-title
sudo sh
cd ..

git clone
cd applet-window-buttons
sudo sh

then right click on the application menu bar and add the widgets in the order

Application Launcher, Windows button, Window title, Global Menu, system tray, lock/logout

and add a spacer between global menu and system tray.

For the icons, you need Beauty Line which is available in icon shop, and for the overall theme use Sweet KDE again available from theme shop.

From the wallpaper changing menu click on install new plugins and download Inactive Blur


No need for compiling, we got these as packages :grin:



I guess you are there on telegram group :thinking:


Yes :wink:

Oh @dr460nf1r3 I didn't know that. That's great

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