Maybe Lightcord instead of default Discord?

I see that in Garuda Gaming Edition and in Garuda Gamer app we have a basic proprietary discord app. Lightcord is FOSS, it mitigates some Discord trackers and it's already in Chaotic-AUR. Why not use it instead?


It's also about not wanting to distribute knowledge and solutions to X different places, I would prefer centralization.
Even the resources that are lost on telegram can be used better.

Take a look at how big the team is and how many tasks each has taken on. Some also have a life next to Garuda: D
One should not overstretch the bow.


It is an easy thing to implement.

This is request is similar to:

The rationale for using the official client remains the same.

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Wait people have a life next to garuda :smiley:

So there shouldn't be such tweaks because they seem unstable? Fair enough :thinking: