Discord_arch_electron + discover-overlay

For discord_arch_electron, it's an AUR/Chaotic-AUR package that makes Discord use the system's electron, which seems to improve performance and fixes some bugs over Discord's prebundled electron. At least in my time using it I've never had an issue, so would it be worth making that the default Discord installation in place of vanilla Discord? Or at least a listed option.

For discover-overlay, it's an application that gives Discord an overlay for voice and/or text chat, since that functionality is missing in the Discord client itself on Linux. It also has limited appearance options like font and whatnot that could maybe be tweaked to match the sweet theme.

Given this is in ChaoticAUR already, what are you requesting?


It's a suggestion that it be included in Garuda itself, either as a default application or as a recommended application in the setup assistant, as it seems to fit the theme of Garuda's performance-focused tweaks.

For you its the best for other pure bloat.


We can sure add this to the setup assistant, but never in the isos itself :thinking:

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I'd keep the Assistant focussed on more "core" things otherwise it's just going to end up as another "software centre" (i.e. browse through and install software). Pamac works fine for that already.


discord is too spooky for privacy. Have you heard about discord tokens? I would not include it at least for this reason. And even if I needed to I would choose Lightcord, as it has it's own cool set of features, including themes.

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discord is too spooky for privacy. Have you heard about discord tokens? I would not include it at least for this reason. And even if I needed to I would choose Lightcord, as it has it's own cool set of features, including themes.

While that's fair enough, I'm not really talking about including it in lite or barebones editions, but rather including discord_arch_electron as an alternative to regular Discord in the contexts that Garuda already offers to install Discord, like in its Ultimate Gamer editions or when it walks you through applications to install after you've first installed Garuda. I probably wasn't communicating clearly. It's just a way to mitigate the performance impact Discord already has, much as how there's an option in Garuda to install Steam with native runtimes (though obviously that has a larger overall impact). Neither should be installed by default on lite/non-gamer editions, but for those contexts where it would be offered up I think it's useful to suggest an alternative that uses native arch packages.

discover-overlay would absolutely be far more optional as even those people who do use discord don't necessarily want or miss the overlay, but it is useful to know that the option is there and I don't think an app store is really sufficient to let you know that there is a way to get that option. Sorta like how Garuda Gamer has things like OpenRGB that most people probably don't actually need, but seeing it there as an option lets people know that it's even possible where they might otherwise assume they're SoL.


Now this would make sense. There's not really any point in bundling another copy of Electron.

However, the question would then be whether discord_arch_electron will get timely updates when Discord itself updates, and is stable enough that it won't break when that happens.

There's no point installing a piece of software that breaks - at least the official Discord client will keep working.



From what I understand looking at this, the pkgbuild is literally just grabbing the the client from their website and then having it use the system's electron in place of its own. The actual issues it's had from what I recall weren't related to the package not using a recent version of Discord but rather a recent version of Electron breaking something, that usually gets addressed by requiring the last known-good version of Electron until the problem is resolved.

There's also issues recently with betterdiscord thinking it's "out of date" apparently despite being the latest version, but betterdiscord is much riskier given Discord the company threatening to ban users who use that modification.

Interestingly, discord_arch_electron actually enabled spellcheck in Discord for Linux before that feature was available to users of the vanilla client. I believe now that everyone's Discord can use the system's spellcheck, but it's interesting how bumping up the electron version seems to fix some bugs.


This is the sort of issue that people might not understand, e.g. if the official client works, why doesn't the one that's installed in Garuda? (i.e. "Garuda broke Discord, devs know nothing, 0/10")

So, this sounds to me like more of a "tweak" package, where people who know more can use it because it works better for them, but for most people the "standard" package is fine (same as the TKG kernels vs. linux-zen).