Maintenance of Garuda desktop environments

All night long I upload new Garuda-DEs, so I'm not allowed to sleep, it doesn't help to sleep when I paint. :wink:


Nice hobby :slight_smile: i just wanted to clear things up
I was just in a hurry when signing up.. to reply.
I am changing my nickname.. so thank you for your understanding.


Fun at work is so important. :wink:


how to apply this I need help.

Hi @amit. Just FYI, it's better to open a dedicated help thread with a descriptive title than to post a random issue on a totally unrelated thread.

Simply quote or link to the post you are making reference to on your new thread.

I'm sorry, but I'm a KDE user. I'm unfamiliar with Gnome. Someone familiar with Gnome's inner workings will hopefully spot your post and assist.


What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Its me, Nico (talking in supermario voice):joy:


Super Mario has a voice now?

Guess I'm a little out of date as I haven't gamed since I had a Colecovision system in the early 90's.



Perhaps this is the issue @amit is referringto:

Dash to not working


How do you build the iso with a desktop like enlightenment or awesome basically a desktop that isn’t in Garuda Linux I am trying to create a Garuda Linux enlightenment.

Gnome big suck with extension updates. Can confirm. maybe you could keep gnome in ignorepkg list to keep extensions from breaking.

The enlightenment github is here

I would guess the first place would be to add their packages. I've only ever built /compiled android though but wouldn't mind trying my hand at linux. Im a cinnamon guy though myself


If you just want to add enlightenment this guide should work


It Has begun

Moksha/E17 is a good choice if you want to do something Enlightenment based. The ram usage is extremely small and the set-up is very quick. I'm sure you can figure out how to do something with it.

I've been hoping for something Enlightenment based for a while. It would leave a small memory footprint and I'm sure you guys would make it look beautiful.


Yeah it does need some polish but I'm sure we can make it work :grinning:.


I just found there was a unity 7 fork for arch :grinning: maybe we could do that instead of enlightenment.

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I see one idea for a edition was sway. Is this being worked on, because it is something I would certainly enjoy doing! SWAY!!! Me lovely sway!

I do realise I just joined this forum like 5 minutes ago so excuse me if I'm setting over my boundaries! I have worked on EndeavourOS's sway and bspwm if that helps (or it could just put you off :crazy_face:)

cough: cough:


Either way thank you! (I bumped this thread...but it hadn't been closed automatically so I didn't do anything wrong I hope!)

PS: In this case creating sway edition would be both creating the configs and maintaining the iso? COOL! I do understand the garuda philosphy don't worry! It will be very different to anything I did for EndeavourOS! And I the ChaoticAUR!! EEE!!

Thank you again!


If you want to feel free I can give you access to gitlab if you want

We do everything in gitlab
Create iso-profile for sway
Add a repo for the settings package

If you need any additional package that's in aur
You can ask it to be added to chaotic aur so it can be used in sway edition


I will be happy to help.


So nice to see how welcoming you guys are! I will look over the gitlab to see how stuff is structed and start a new topic tmrw!

I probably dont need any extra packages as most is already there from wayfire.

I dont trust myself to have acesss! I will fork it first and PR when needed. Maybe later when I actually prove I did it!


Also a nice way to contribute. Looking forward to see new stuff :smiley: