Lost fish config

it,s almost been a day and you have not changed your de or broken it :rofl: :rofl:


You spoke too soon

I just tried to add themes to my fish terminal and now it won't work anymore need help

is there a way to reinstall garuda fish?

omg :rofl:
thank god we have the power of


you break it

snapshots will fix it :rofl:

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Jokes on you, @home doesn't get snapshots!



Ok I will try that

But I wanted to tell you the other day
snapshot won't do any changes I don't know why

let me see and get back to you

many thank brother

I think you should become a garuda tester?
If anyone can break a de?
you can :rofl:


You can reset your Fish config in Garuda Assistant. It will copy over the config from /etc/skel so you can start over. :wink:


Hire me I will work hard for you :blush:

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Thank you :+1:

its foss?
nice try :rofl:



I Need your help

I need to find a clone app where I can clone whole system or backup the system without using BTRFS because I have noticed snapshot is not helping at all

easy clonezilla ?
I maybe wrong ?
just google just to check !
But why do you you need to to clone your system ?
When you change it almost daily?
This is a forum not telegram?


Because I am learning and trying everything out
and in between, I get stuck on the small stuff and I can't fix it or go back
Like today I messed up my Fish Terminal and It wouldn't even open anymore
so a clone would take 5 minutes and done
my system is up and runing

That's fair.

What on your system do you want to clone?
Everything in / and /home?

This is in response of your lost fish config.

Yes Please

are you bored???? :rofl:

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Your response was unclear based on the quote you quoted, so I will assume you meant / and /home.

At Garuda we promote snapshots for various reasons.
One of them is:

...a snapshot takes a fraction of a second and done.

You probably don't like snapshots cuz you don't understand yet how they work. They can be very powerful once you learn about them and they can backup to external drives too.

If you tweak your fish config, end up losing it for some reason and you don't want to use Garuda's default in /etc/skel, then a snapshot is an excellent way to restore.

You love tweaking as we could see. Well that's great, you can tweak your snapshot settings too! Use BTRFS Assistant:

You can create a setting to snapshot your /home and then you create a timeline (scheduler and stuff) or you snapshot manually by hitting the button in BTRFS Assistant:

If you are looking for something different no matter your requirement, then TilliDie is right, your best friend will be Google to search for cloning software that would answer your requirements.

As far as it stands for losing a config file (which the topic here), snapshot is in the top list of backup methods.
Of course backing up important files on the Cloud or manually to external drives are also options, but you gotta admit, one button and 1ms later you have a backup on your current drive, it's pretty handy for starters. :smiley:

Please take your time to learn about btrfs snapshot feature, there are plenty of articles and examples on Google, you will learn a lot of great stuff about this. :slight_smile:



Thank you so much
the only problem with btrfs I have is it did not help me restore
after I did the snapshot
I will follow your instructions and give it a go
many thanks :blush:

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Take a look at this thread, there are information and links that may help.

Like this one Restoring snapshots to get the system back to working state | Garuda Linux wiki

Then you can also take the time to read the wiki for how to use Snapper/Snapshots in Garuda.