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Best part is they asked NVIDIA to open source all drivers, or they will do it themselves (by leaking data online :joy: ).


Yes, they should do it, i vote from my side :wink:


Not really a "news" :blush: but rather a celebration...
I just stumbled across this one, a post exactly 20 years old announcing Mar 11 - Arch Linux 0.1 (Homer) released :wink:


Some important news was already posted above, but I thought a comprehensive summary (and a detailed list) could be interesting:


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Linux's getrandom() Sees A 8450% Improvement With Latest Code

Since the use of getrandom() is almost everywhere this could have an awesome impact on the performance of the Kernel :star_struck:

Phoronix Article

Youtube Video from SavvyNik

I think that's pretty news there! Tux Power :muscle:t2:


Regarding KDE and rounded corner theme "tag" bug. You heard it here first, sort of, that the bug showing little corner points on rounded-corner themes has been fixed after many...MANY... years of frustration. Bug report resolved here.

I guess it is slated for release on June 16, 2022 in a KDE update. :person_raising_hand:t3:


KDE 5.93 dropped with lots of changes....

changes", include:

  • When changing the KDE PLasma 5.25 color scheme, the screen will now smoothly cross-fade from the old color scheme to the new colors.

  • KDE Plasma on Wayland now supports the "screencast session restore" protocol. This screencast session restore feature is part of xdg-desktop-portal.

  • A new app "Crashed Processes Viewer" for graphically seeing crashes collected by coredumpctl.

  • KIO no longer crashes when trying to open an unreadable file via SFTP.

  • Continued KDE Plasma Wayland fixes, including more KWin crash fixes.

  • Kate, KWrite, and other KTextEditor programs no longer crash when defining a new file type for the app to open.

  • Improved system information reporting within the KDE Info Center.

  • Various UI improvements to the Elisa music player.

  • The four-finger swipe-up gesture to open the overview effect now follows your fingers.

  • Rewritten and modernized window list applet for KDE Plasma 5.25.


thx for the nive news :smiley:


I'm not sire if this is tech news but this guy explains a huge vulnerability :dizzy_face: in Linux. Based on the polkit package: And several examples of system privilege escalations o.o


Isn't that exploit quite old?

It says twelve years right on it:

The video says two separate blog posts were published in the past that discussed two separate aspects of the vulnerability, but it looks like the full exploit that combined them was published on GitHub only a few months ago.


I remember seeing something similar in the past so I thought it was patched months ago. With "old" I meant the patch, not the vulnerablity.

Is it old? Still mentioned recently. There is not much on it, so kind of confusing.


Those vulnerabilities in it of itself are old.
The combination of them which leads to system privilege escalations is fairly new.

I'm curious myself if this is already patched or not. Since most of the time of the past 12 years devs were like "..not that bad - not that big of an issue..." b/c no one knew the danger of the combination until now.

I wonder if this vulnerability is in Garuda as well or not. Which was my major reason to post this video - besides the fact that it is a tech news thingy :smiley:


AFAIK it was patched on Arch within hours of announcement, and in the normal stream of updates...


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I'm not too worried about it but I just learned about those escalations hacks and would like to ask here^^

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Quit runnin' scared. You'll frighten the customers.


Nah, I'm not scared, just wanted to ask.

I survived years with Windows, what could even scare me now? :rofl:

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