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Definitely, running Windows on ones computer is like smoking cigarettes in real life. Both are bad for a person's health :stuck_out_tongue:


Review of the Pinephone, an interesting read....


Looking good!

"...not a single call being missed."

That bit surprised me, because I have heard otherwise. Very good to hear! I'm looking forward to the developments the Pinephone Pro will support.


I happen to own the Braveheart edition (2GB RAM; 16GB eMMC) and I haven't tried every available distro yet, but Ubuntu Touch is currently my favorite one. At the moment it is more stable and a lot faster. I haven't tried making (or receiving) phone calls yet.

hum, when I wrote faster, I meant: faster than the Manjaro version that came pre-installed.


btw ... carefull with linux 5.16:

I would be affected, lucky I am on xanmod which is still on 5.15.

linux 5.15 killed my bcache data
linux 5.16 would have killed my ssd in 2 weeks



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Guys you might want to check btop as a resource monitor to replace htop


Bloat. Bloat. Bloat.


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Kinda ironic you say bloat considering Garuda lol. I'm only teasing haha

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If anyone is looking for something more on the stable side... :slightly_smiling_face:


I was actually thinking of installing the latest Slackware. It was where I cut my teeth (my mentor refused to let me use anything else). There is also a Live CD/USB stable image here:

And the latest, possibly less stable build, here: Index of /slackware/slackware-live/slackware64-current-live

And contributions to keep Patrick out of the poorhouse can be made here: Slackware is creating a secure, full featured, bloat-free Linux-based operating system | Patreon or here: PayPal.Me

I'm not pandering for Slackware. I believe we owe something to the oldest Linux distribution in existence. I dislike thinking of where we would be now without distributions like this.

We stand on the shoulders of giants.


and yet I thought:

  • has the bottom dev kicked the bucket and joined btop ?
  • has the htop dev kicked the bucket and joined btop ?
  • has the bpytop kicked the bucket and joined btop ? (actually not kicked the bucket, but joined btop at exactly the same time as the main dev :stuck_out_tongue: ( tl;dr its the same person ))
  • has some youtuber made a video about it -> correct answer


h>b , so I will only replace htop for itop or next!

EDIT: @Hanuman my post may sound like I am being a jerk, but I am only faking being a jerk... just joking :slight_smile: don't take it badly!


Or, are you only faking that you're faking being a jerk... :wink:


Nah.... I am not a jerk, really !!! :slight_smile:

This is me and my role in society:

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hey I'm new to Linux, anything shiny that just "works" will get me excited

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well, check out bottom also:

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truth be told..... without disrepect for all the work put into it. btop is pretty, but I find myself searching carefully the whole screen to find the information I need.

If I simply need to know CPU usage and what processes take some usage. I instead open htop and view it in a few seconds.

If I want to stare at the screen and take pictures, I open btop.


I just bind system monitor to ctrl shift escape like in Windows as I I like to see the process and kill it easily when it misbehaves