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Help iron out some KDE bugs for ....


Latte Dock gets some much needed multi-screen love...

KDE 5.25b as in...beta....updates;

Fan of the Nord theme, more color versions coming for all platforms;

Nordic brings the brings Nord’s β€˜arctic, north-bluish color palette’ to Ubuntu and other Linux distros. If you’re using it with GNOME Shell you can enable a matching GNOME Shell theme too; KDE, Xfce, and Cinnamon versions are also available.

One of my favorite apps gets an update....

Lastly, Wine updated with over 47 fixes....


11 good reasons against switching to Windows 11

Text in German language only.

Until then, we would advise most people not to switch to Windows 11 as long as there is a choice. Windows 10 will still be supported until 2025. By then, Windows 11 will certainly have become a worthy successor to it as well.

So there is no reason to switch to Garuda until 2025, too :smiley:


Garuda among the best!


@TilliDie was faster :slight_smile:


Oh were they? I didn't notice, oops xD


Before i played the video I thought that Garuda is surely getting gold :smiley: ...


Yep I also didn't expect Garuda to be 3rd place. I guess it's way too customised and heavy-weight to get on top. It doesn't have too many special features, just a lot of lovely customisation - For gamers.

Garuda is not only KDE Dr460nized,
Garuda has many DE's that are not so "well" embellished.
I don't buy the Mercedes SL(uxus)C class and then complain about the nice look and the many inclusive extras.
But that's what almost all testers do.
Who does not like it so colorful and garish, can easily change it or take directly Xfce or i3wm.
But the download numbers speak a different language anyway, Dr460nized is on rank one. No matter what YT think of it :slight_smile:


I beg to differ, Garuda has many unique utilities developed in house. @dalto was kind enough recently to develop an unique GUI for snapper that was originally integrated into Garuda Assistant. @dalto has since separated this app into a distinct package that is available in the AUR so that other distros may benefit from his development efforts.

Minimizing Garuda's in house projects such as FireDragon and many others is disenguinous at best, and either points to extreme ignorance on your part, or ax grinding for some ulterior motive.


Well with customisation I was trying to include the assistants and custom software :wink:

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There's sure a lot trolls bashing Garuda on Reddit. Funny how when our @TNE called one of them out on it there was zero response:

As a Dev of Garuda Linux, what made you feel like Garuda Linux was less stable than other upstream arch repo based distributions?

Then of course the clueless bashers that can't wrap their heads around why zram uses more resources, but has huge performance benefits.

Reddit is like the inbred, mullet top, wife-beater T-shirt wearing, redneck misfit of the social media world.


This is the reason why you will not find garuda devs there because they know that people who are talking garuda on reddit don't even know how much promising is garuda for people who wants to do their general work but on linux just like me....... :wink:

Garuda is like :
just install it, and then what ? then start your work !
Not every one who are runnig linux are those with crazy sensation of tweaking everything .

personally I also don't like tweaking every thing by myself but will surely tweak a bit for getting it to my taste.
just like this :


That newest Community release of Cinnamon is nothing to sneeze at. I forgot that I had booted into it (Ventoy w/multi ISOs) and thought, "Wow! Look what have they have done with KDE now!"

The maintainer should be complimented. It is very nicely laid out.


Not bad, not bad at all :blush:.

Garuda is quite possibly the one that comes closest to the spirit and intent of its upstream parent.


The top 5% distros get 95% of users. As you get to the top, as Garuda matures, and as it gains in popularity and visibility -- the user-base might explode exponentially.


Oh, Gawd, not again. I'm tired of hopping onto a newish distribution, only to have it climb that hill. Then it becomes as you say, and havoc reins. Or in the vernacular, "all hell breaks loose." I'm ready to pass that curse onto the next person that says, "oh, goody, look how fast we're approaching stardom!"
:frowning: :wink:


So what you're really trying to say is "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: