Garuda No 3 choice on Distro Tube

Well you made no.3 on distro tube of his recommended distro,s of 2022



...Manjaro? :yawning_face:


Garuda should be number 1!


I don't think anyone but Manjaro pays him anything...

Unfortunately I don't think he knows as much as he likes to think he does...

like his thoughts on chaotic-AUR

Agreed. He kind of missed the point. But it's cool to see him cover Garuda again.


Only for those special people who love breaking their systems with broken 3-tier system & application stack batched updates (why, fer chrissake?).

I have found Arch--by itself--to be incredibly stable. It is only when developers try to "help" their users by adding complexities until-something-breaks, that something breaks. Yet, some of the smartest people and talented users I know came from Manjaro. Maybe they got good at things-Linux by fixing broken updates? Their 3-tier system sounds good, but fails in practice. You see that when you run straight Arch or Garuda, Endeavour, Arco, etc. The ones that stick closest to the bone seem to be the ones that have longer-term, smoother updating success. Case-in-point: ArchBang.

You think I may be picking on Manjaro? Nope. If you could restore the last three or so irrevocably lost Manjaro Forums, you would see what I have seen. A long history of updating schemes that caused major breakage by messing with things that did work until they broke. Sometimes they issued 10 batched updates a year, sometimes only 4. On a base system that is in a continuous state of change?

That updating practice leads to one thing only--partial updates--again and again. Why? Because they, in themselves, are partial updates. And we all know where they lead. We are warned about the dangers of them from the get-go.

I was pleased, when I was introduced to Garuda by @tbg, to see that Garuda's developers had not developed that same, broken strategy. What Garuda adds to their product, then folds, spindles, and mutilates into their releases, is not inclined to do so. But if your finely-tuned race car blows a head gasket, there's Timeshift/Snapper to help you solve that PEBKAC and get you back in the race.

EDIT: I followed the Manjaro Forums since their original inception. Until their last breakage and I have never logged back in since then. Why? Because a lot of those "smartest people and talented users" moved here. I guess if that doesn't prove my point, nothing does. Garuda stands on its own.



I just thought it was an incredibly boring choice. Manjaro is like the Ubuntu of Arch distros. It just seems odd that someone so interested in the nuances of each distro would choose the least interesting one as his favorite.

This guy goes into an ice cream shop with 100 flavors and picks vanilla. :roll_eyes:


Every dev at every distro puts their heart and soul into their project and we need to treat all other distros with respect on our forum, (even though we are not afforded the same courtesy by others). Please don't let this devolve into a thread bashing other distros, as we should take the high road regardless of our personal opinions of other distros. :pray:


An opinion is different from a fact, but I do agree with you. Common manners as well as internet etiquette have always been a goal (note I said goal). :smiley:

I know it might be upsetting to think that negative information about Garuda was being posted in another distribution's forums. Even if it was factual.

By the way. You are one of those, "smartest people and talented users I know" I mentioned twice in my post above, and that may be an opinion. However, I've known you long enough to know that your, "actions speak louder than words" making my statement above a fact, Jack.

I like what Marcus Aurelius has been accused of saying about facts. :slight_smile:

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."


Well, its true that sometimes people bash their things on others and I think it is often if you are at a place where you find people working on too much diverse goals. Here, you may find people with too much diverse goals so it's true to have conflicts between each others but this also tells that you have independence to make your own way.

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Correct, why in the world that a broke prone system (Manjaro) being tagged as beginner-friendly distro?

For an arch system, choosing to partially update really is a big mistake, the entire system should always be updated all at the same time.

The Chaotic-Aur is heaven send for people like me who still uses an old system, as the vanilla AUR requires compilation which takes a long time for an 7-year old system such as mine.


Why is it that all of the linux-tubers always praise Manjaro so much? I think it is a pretty distro like I think their visual tweaks are nice but to me they are the worst "arch based" distro of all because of the way they do things outside of that. What really sucks is all of these linux-tubers recommend it so much that you ruin Linux for potential new users because they see this recommendation and then use it and have all kinds of issues they wouldn't have on a real arch based distro(like this one archo or endeavor) and go on an online community like Reddit and bash Linux as a whole because they had a bad experience with Manjaro instead of using something that wouldn't have had those issues like a Debian based, fedora based or better, yet a real arch based distro and not a fork.


Again, let's try to be respectful of of other distros, (especially the Arch based ones as we all have the same parentage).


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