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Then why does the git page have instructions using a domain, etc to get encrypted localhost?

Where does it say the query will be https?

Use startpage

Startpage is the one I use the most. Presearch as a fallback. Oh wait, I thought you meant (, LOL.

I was using the Garuda's hosted Whoogle ( but it doesn't work well with VPNs which I use constantly. After about the 5th search, I get the blocked page from Google, or sometimes it puts up a link to use one of the other hosted Whoogle sites.

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Apparently for us Americans when putting in your zip code into that site it emails your senators on your behalf.

I only realized that after one of them replied to it.


It sounds like Garuda has won a 2021 Tuxies award! (LINUX Unplugged 437: The 2021 Tuxies)
Well deserved, IMO.


"the most controversial this year".... I like the sound of that. :fireworks:

Pipewire got the #1 spot.


"Everything is turned up to eleven...It's like Arch turned up to full mode, like crazy mode...It's ultimate Arch, really." ~Linux Unplugged, 2021 Tuxies

"Eat my shorts, Manjaro!" ~Garuda Linux, 2021


Gotta make that our catch phrase :smirk::joy:


Krita drops an update today with plenty to offer...

Here are "10 Best Apps" to improve your Gnome experience. I highly recommend News Flash, one of the best news readers, that is reminiscent of the proprietary Feedly news reader.

And here are the Top Unknown KDE Apps..

More Gnome news...

GNOME's Wayland Session Shows Potential For Better Battery Life Than With X.Org

Featured tray app for Thunderbird, one of the top 10 things I install on a fresh build and highly recommend; Birdtray.

Faster Linux 2.5G Networking with Realtek RTL8125B? You be the judge....


Sorry, a little bit off-topic, but I came across this and it really impressed me.


Technically this can count as tech news :yum: and yes, its indeed impressive :eyes:


It must be desktop day. Here is a look a couple of desktops outside the "normal" offerings.

The 2nd Desktop is mainly based on BSD but I believe you can install it on Arch and more. Here is a write-up about it back in October but they have released a new update today.

In other news, auto-cpufreq v1.9.0 is live and it brings some great new features. Thanks to all contributors for making this release happen!

Samba Printing, yep, it is a thing...

And lastly, Kalendar gets an update, despite the whole Kontact suite not working with many caldav/cardav servers, but as long as it connects to Google, they are fine with not working on the issue. EWwww....a rant, I am stopping now.


Interesting reading...


What's your opinion of decentralized versus centralized as it is now? Mine is that it may work with Linux, especially in larger corporations, if a model can actually provide the type of security the article says it can.

But I don't think it will fly with individuals, at least not those that run desktop Linux. I think Red Hat and a couple others will implement it for their customers on-demand, possibly. But not me and I hope not you. :wink:

Windows users are already screwed.


I personally don't have a real "opinion" on blockchain technology yet.
But I've been seeing a wide variety of solutions at work lately with new blockchain-based architecture hypotheses for security purposes, and I'm intrigued.
This is a new example. I would have never thought of data storage, but it is indeed an "egg of Columbus".


LOL, maybe they've found a purpose for blockchains and bitcoin mining?

(I find bitcoin stuff a bit like BTRFS. I can't fully wrap my head around either.)


I can already see it, the new generation of cryptominers ready to seize the moment


Interestingly, PM of India, is going to inaugurate blockchain based degree at elite technical college in India, IIT Kanpur

But to be honest, I don't like the idea of cryptomining at all. We are using electricity, and top notch GPU, to create checksums and all that. I don't see any point in that.
Only thing most people are attracted towards is profit and money.